Captivating Nature In Valley Of Butterflies

Are you looking for magical place ideal for stimulating imagination of love? If your answer is positive, visit the one of the most striking places in the Fethiye – the Valley of the Butterflies.

This romantic and peacefully place is located in Turkey near the Antalya Bay. It is obvious that the Butterfly Valley is named after the many butterflies which you can see in the period from June to October. Turkish government in 1987 on that place gave the name when it was decided the local flora and fauna to be placed under state protection.

Valley of Butterflies is a natural habitat of more than 100 different butterfly species. One of the most prominent is certainly orange monochromatic Euplagia quadripunctaria. Besides butterflies scientists noticed the presence of 147 plant species.
The rocks and the valley of pine trees are closed for any kind of construction. After some effort, once you climb, you will see that the rocks and the trees are wrapped with billions of butterflies. To get to the Valley of Butterflies first you need to go to the beach Ölüdeniz on the famous Dead Sea. From there you must rent a boat in order to reach the sandy beach of the Valley of Butterflies.

Over a period of eight months a year, between April and November, the beach is populated by a group of hippies and modern followers of yoga. Visitors of the Valley of Butterflies can stay overnight in tents or in the old houses. Except in camping, also they can enjoy the numerous activities such as hiking, canoe riding and scuba diving.
For some Valley of the Butterflies is a place where you can go on vacation to escape from the city crowd and noise, while others see it as an ideal opportunity for a one-day holiday.However, people want to be in harmony with nature and relax in a clean and healthy environment. Calm sea, white sand, the sound of waterfalls and smell of wild is all you need.

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