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Cargotecture: The Era of Green, Affordable Housing has Arrived

If we take a look at people’s concerns about global warming, it seems that eco-consciousness has finally reached its peak. There are various ways to contribute to our planet, from recycling to building green homes. Spring is the right time for making new decisions that will change your life from root. For example, if you are planning to build a house, why don’t you make a green one? Maybe it was really hard for us to make our eco-friendly ideas come true in the past, but today green homes are more than just an abstract concept. They have become our reality.

What makes eco-housing that special is its sustainable, durable and affordable construction. Consider it as a long-run investment that will help you will cut bills in half and improve both your health and environment. One of the best ways to do that is to build an amazing shipping container house. If you are still skeptic about cargotecture, read on.

Image by DEKORA Staging Inc via Houzz

Increased Popularity of Green Building Materials

In the past, building eco-friendly homes came across various obstacles, such as the lack of adequate materials that weren’t well-established and accessible. Today, there is a wide choice of environmentally- friendly building materials that would make your home safe, comfortable and, most importantly, healthy. Since they are completely renewable, you won’t have to use pricey limited resources and spend all your savings.

Image by FINNE Architects via Houzz

Why Cargotecture?

If you think that shipping containers are just gigantic metal boxes that are supposed to transfer our stuff from one destination to another, you are terribly wrong. Their surprising durability and sustainability has astonished and inspired numerous innovative architects that have started designing amazing buildings out of them. Today, shipping containers are used in numerous purposes, both as public institutions and private houses. They might be used in even solving homelessness by building large, low-cost container shelters.

Image by Randy Brown via Houzz

Shipping containers are designed to withstand even the most severe climate changes and weather conditions. Most importantly, they are made out of completely renewable green materials. You can make your home according to your preferences and needs for shipping containers are produced in various shapes and dimensions.  For example, you can build it out of one or more shipping containers.

Image by THEWORKSHOP 308 via Houzz

Choosing the Right Place for Your Shipping Container Home

Since container shelters are adaptable and small, there is no need for building huge homes or taking up large plots. Instead, you should choose smaller terrain for your new home, which has numerous benefits. Firstly, you will buy less building material and cut the bills. Also, smaller houses are easier to maintain and organize. Your green home should never endanger your environment. It is a general fact that green houses accumulate energy from the natural resources, such as the Sun or trees. That’s why you should surround your home with nature. Sun will provide it with warmth and natural light, while trees would serve as an amazing natural insulation. Such idea has also an aesthetical value – surrounded by a stunning landscape, your home will look even more amazing.

Image by Leger Wanaselja Architecture via Houzz

Energy Savings

Once you have your container home built, you should also pay attention to most effective ways to save energy and money.  For example, you could add insulation to your home in order to “trap” energy within it. You could also look for eco-friendly plumbing ideas, lighting, flooring, kitchen appliances and so on. Once you fulfill all these requirements, you can freely say that your home is completely green.

Image by Leger Wanaselja Architecture via Houzz

It seems that building green homes has numerous advantages that make them superior and more affordable when compared to regular concrete buildings. Apart from saving money and living in a healthy environment, you will also raise eco-awareness. After all, it is our deeds that determine the future of our planet that can be saved or completely destroyed. It is up to you to decide what path you will choose.

Image by R.A.D. Design-Build via Houzz

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