Casa Battló – House With Bone Structure

Barcelona is the only city that equally attracts all people with unique architecture, graffiti in the streets, drawn walls, music, street artists, tourists and smiling photos whose colours evoke feelings of pleasure. Visited by millions of tourists from all over the world, Barcelona is one of the five most visited cities of all time. There is located the attraction that delights many tourists and is worth seeing.

There are so interesting and beautiful details of this amazing architectural work. Casa Batlló is place where is occur numerous cultural events for which tickets are sold out until the blink of an eye. If you ever need a reason to visit Barcelona, Casa Batlló is sufficient cause to travel there.

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Casa Battló is the name of structure which is situated in the centre of Barcelona. This masterpiece looks like a drawing or animation, but this is a real house in which people have used to live. Now is a hotel that has regular visitors worldwide. Casa Battló was built in 1877, but this current looks has received in 1904 to 1906, when it was renovated by Antoni Gaudi. With an area of 5000 square meters, Casa Battló is consists of a ground floor, main floor with yard, four independent floors and terrace.

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This building also is called “House of Bones”, because there is an interesting skeleton and some say it is almost alive. Facade is decorated with a mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles, which starts with gold and ends to green – blue tint. The roof is envy and looks like the back of a dragon. The roof has a small dome with a cross which represents the spear of Saint George in the moment of killing the dragon and it is pinned at its back. Balcony railing has form of bone.

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