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7 Ideas for Amazing Rooftops

Today YourAmazingPlaces is presenting you some great ideas how to decorate your rooftop if you have one. These ideas are collected from, an interesting webpage specialised only for your home and it’s outdoor space. Rooftops can… Read More


Odd Living in the Strangest Homes

Bored of your Ikea furnished, standard looking home? Take a look at the world`s strangest yet interesting homes and get inspired for a fresh new look! The Futuro House: The Futuro House  is designed by Finnish… Read More

Home Decor

6 Ideas for a Modern Sunroom

Designing your home is the best feeling. Whether you give this task to a perfect architect or you are involved in the process by yourself it is still one important thing when building a house. Beside… Read More


Is the Future a Façade?

The construction industry seems to think so. Over the last couple of decades more and more building projects have incorporated a cladding system into their design. Although they are aesthetically more pleasing than the bare concrete… Read More


Top 10 Fantastic Fountains of the World

Fountains has been used since the ancient history. Every nation was building fountains to decorate the outdoor space of the most important places. Citysquares, forums or known and high valuable streets often has some monuments and… Read More

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