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Kelimutu Lakes – World’s Surreal Lakes

Crater lakes hide special magic, mystery and uniqueness. Can be created as a result of volcanic activity, meteor drop or explosion. Once the crater is formed, rain, runoff, groundwater circulation or melted ice filled crater with water,… Read More


Mount Bromo, Java

A Journey Across the only Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago containing 13466 islands. It is the world’s forth most populated country with more than 245 million people and counting. It runs through the equator for 500 km. A place with so many… Read More


Discover Jodhpur, The Heart of India

Jodhpur, is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Total population is 851,051 people. It is one of the most beautiful and most visited places in India. This city has two nicknames: “Sun City” for… Read More



Ultimate Places to visit in Manama, Bahrain

The particular dynamic streets in this nation’s funds tend to be teeming with history, although most it’s latest. Via attractively renewed palatial houses, on the busy alleyways of Manama souk, Bahrain’s attractions tend to be because… Read More

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