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River Cruising – The Facts

If you’re planning on booking a cruise this year, you may have your sights set on a vast, ocean liner. However the cruise industry is changing and travel agents are reporting a noticeable increase in the… Read More

Travel Tips

5 Tips For Getting Ready Quicker

Hunting for a tie or that one dress you’ve picked out to wear today, whilst battling an avalanche of folded jumpers falling down, or jamming your fingers in a dodgy drawer. It’s a scene familiar with… Read More

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How to Plan Your Trip

It does not matter how mundane or unordinary lives that we live are, or what line of business we are into, if employed at all, every now and then we get a strong urge to get… Read More

Travel Tips

4 Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag is a common occurrence for travelers taking long flights, and can be a large nuisance on a trip. It causes a range of symptoms, from fatigue and an inability to concentrate to headaches and… Read More

Travel Tips

Surviving Tropical Climates

Most people aren’t used to tropical climates and are unprepared when they get of the plane. The human body gets used to a certain type of climate and becomes sluggish when faced with a sudden change.… Read More

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