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Central Park – The Heart of New York

Central Park is one of the most beautiful places that you must not pass near it but never actually visit it. It is the heart of  New York.  New York is one of  the most popular tourist destination in USA. The population is 8.337 million of people with total area of  468 squares miles. There were recorded over 400 movie scenes, many smiles, slow breathing and full breasts, a bit away from the hustle and fast pace of  the streets.

Wonderful to visit in any season. There is a beautiful autumn, because the rain and fallen leaves rustling and look differently. But spring is a special experience.

Below you can see awesome photos of Central Park in New York that will take your breath away. The photos are not enough to experience, but you can encourage you to plan your next trip:

Image by massmatt via Flickr

Image by Anh Dinh via Flickr

Image by ZeroOne via Flickr

Image by Tony Fischer via Flickr

Image by Tony Fischer via Flickr

Image by Rick Harris via Flickr

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