What makes Chennai an Awesome Travel Destination

Chennai is a perfect destination for spending some quality holiday time with your family. It is a diverse cosmopolitan city with many attractions and interests to visit and explore. Read on to know more and plan a trip to Chennai this vacation.

Come holidays, hitting the road on a trip is a wish that everybody covets. Although there are so many places that you can think of, how about a trip down the south this time? It is a good idea to explore the hinterlands further down on the map as the southern regions of India are immensely gifted by nature. If you have never been to Chennai, this is the ideal time to take a tour to this popular city. So, better check out the best deals on accommodation in hotels in Chennai today and book a stay in advance.

Chennai is often described as the gateway to South India. It is well connected to different parts of the country by road, rail and air. Once you arrive in the city, you would notice that Chennai is quite distinct in its culture in comparison with other places of India. The sense of beauty in the people of Chennai is sublime and shows a depth of appreciation. Whether it is the dance form, the dressing style or the sculptures, beauty is the prevalent theme in all these.

The cultural fabric of the city is both traditional and modern, and people take joy in both. It is also a city that takes pride in its diversity and it is well-reflected as well. Every art form in the city demonstrates this unique aspect of the state. Chennai is where traditional art thrives and blossoms in its entirety. Your tour to Chennai is a great opportunity to notice and experience this virtue of the place and its people.

Chennai is also known as the land of the gods and it has many temples all over the city. Priests and temples, as it can be said, are a common sight in the city, underlining the huge foundation of faith and religion that permeates everyone’s lifestyle around here.

As you explore Chennai, you would see a nice blend of the traditional and the modern in everything, as mentioned earlier. In terms of music, you can find schools teaching the classical as well as western forms. Same is true about dance, it should not come as a surprise to you that there are avid practitioners of both Bharatnatyam and Salsa in the same city. Even in the choice of food, you would come across both the traditional cuisine and the fast food.

Such is the integrity and symbiotic harmony of the city that Chennai is. And to further add to the elan of the place, you would find cafes fondly serving the filter coffee (commonly called filter Kaapi around here), which is a must try for a visitor.

Explore Chennai from close and while you take the sightseeing tour through a series of popular tourist attractions, such as the Ayappan Temple, Fort St. George, Marina and Elliot Beaches, and Vivekananda House, do make a point to travel through the lanes and corners of the city to know it better.

There are scores of cheap hotels in Chennai for an economic stay. Have a nice trip!

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