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Why You Should Choose South Carolina for Your Next Getaway

Are you getting ready to plan a vacation? There are many fascinating locations to choose from depending on what you’re looking for in a vacation. While Florida or California often comes to mind for a vacation destination, some locations often go by the wayside, such as South Carolina. Tucked away on the eastern coastline, South Carolina has a lot to offer for families as well as couples. Here are a few reasons why you may wish to choose the state of South Carolina for your next vacation getaway.

Beaches and Boardwalks

One of the main things that South Carolina is well noted for is its beautiful beaches. The white sandy beach on Myrtle Beach attracts thousands of tourists during the spring and summer months. It’s a great place to enjoy water sports, gather shells and treasures or simply sunbathe. The shore of Myrtle beach is lined with some of the finest hotels on the eastern seaboard. Hilton Head Vacation Rentals offers many different units and an array of amenities for your couple’s getaway or your annual family vacation. Accommodations not only take care of all of your personal needs, they also offer a view that allows you to enjoy the Atlantic scenery while relaxing with your morning coffee or dinner and drinks on the beach. The boardwalks line Myrtle Beach and other popular areas on the South Carolina coast. Packed with a variety of shopping, restaurants and sports rentals, there are plenty of options for couples as well as families to enjoy a variety of activities.

Amusement Parks

Are you looking for more of a thrill-type vacation? Or are you looking for more of a day-visit locale to take the kids for some entertainment? South Carolina has many amusement parks to choose from. One of the most popular is Family Kingdom. This is a large amusement park that features a carnival-like theme. It has a lot of rides that range from thrill-seeking to fun family rides like carousels and Ferris wheels. It’s located in Myrtle Beach so it’s at the center of a lot of other attractions and restaurants. If you’re wanting to add a little thrill to your vacation, you may want to consider Family Kingdom or another action resort to your itinerary.

Golf Course Destinations

If you have an active family, there are plenty of places on the Carolina coast that will allow you to engage in surfing, parasailing and other ocean-minded sports and activities. But if you really love to play golf, South Carolina is the place to be! There are many popular golf courses in South Carolina, many world-renowned. The Osprey Point Golf Course on Kiawah Island is a 4 and a half star golf course that allows you to take in the views of the Carolina coast and also challenge yourself to some of the best golf in the U.S. This course uses the area saltwater marshes, maritime forests, and lagoons and incorporates the landscape into making Osprey Point a challenging and unique course to play. In addition to some challenging par-3s and par-5s, the course offers a setting and layout that will make for a memorable vacation. Nature abounds in and around this course and nearby areas as well. In addition, keep in mind that most larger coastal golf courses offer fine dining onsite as well as personal lessons available if you really want to make your experience a memorable one.

Historical Landmarks

With everything from walking the beach to spending the day engaging in some fun activities at the amusement park, there are some other places to explore and see that offer a more historical view of South Carolina. While you may have read and studied about the historical battle sites from the Carolinas, seeing it is an entirely different experience. One of the more renowned locales is Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. This is a national monument that highlights some of the first battles of the Civil War. Only accessed by boat, this monument displays the historic fort along with ruin and a museum.  A great place to take pictures and learn more about one of the most historic harbors on the east coast. Other places to check out are the Charles Pinckney National Historic Site and plantation in Mt. Pleasant and the Historical Camden Revolutionary War mansion in Camden.

There are many things to do in South Carolina. If you’re planning on checking out more of the historical aspect of the state along with enjoying the Carolina sunshine, you’ll have experienced a vacation to remember.

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