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Choose the Perfect Camera for You

As you know, or if I do not already tell you, the perfect camera does not exist. A camera is a tool. There are cameras for professionals that have incredible features, hundreds of buttons, thousands of configuration options, super resistant .. but probably that type of cameras is not ideal for you. In choosing a camera you can’t just ask someone to choose like if you need a high quality essay you can just say “write my essay for me.”

The best camera in the world is the one that offers you what you need. More simple, impossible. The question is often in knowing exactly what we need. And on the other hand, as there is no perfect camera, we will have to renounce some features to stay with others, which will be important for us. Like everything in life, it is about assigning priorities and choosing what has more pros and less cons.

Let’s see a series of typical cases that can help us decide which camera is best suited for each situation:

My compact is too small, I’m looking for something more

For example, we have a basic compact, so-called ‘point and shoot’, which does everything in automatic, the focus is slow and bad in low light, the photos inside are regular with both flash and without him, etc. I want something more, that allows me to take better photos and learn at least the basics of photography.

Both the SLR and the EVIL are the natural leap.

The advantage of interchangeable lens cameras is that you can choose the lens that best suits each situation: street photography, portraiture, landscapes, wild animals and sports. The decision between SLR or EVIL is a personal matter. If you plan to invest in many objectives perhaps the SLR is today a safer bet because both Canon and Nikon have a very wide range of objectives for their SLRs. Also with regard to the price, the SLR of these ranges of initiation and intermediate usually have a better value for money with respect to the EVIL.

So, what kind of camera would be best suited for travel?

If we want to keep the camera always on top, a compact pocket is probably the best option. There are very good compacts, which offer a more than decent image quality, which allow manual control of the parameters, which have a zoom that gives us some flexibility to frame what we are interested in. What are we giving up? The compact camera will not give us the best image quality, for example inside buildings, when there is not much light in the scene, at night … it may also be difficult to focus on some complicated situations.

If for example we want to have a lot of flexibility, to take wide-angle photos and photos of very distant objects, a good option is the compact super zoom cameras. These cameras do not fit in a pocket, they have a size and weight comparable to SLRs, but they have the advantage that they give us a huge zoom range, with a normally pretty good optics, they are off-road cameras. What do we renounce ? They are not light and do not fit in your pocket and we will have limitations similar to those of the compact pocket in terms of image quality in low light situations.

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