Christmas in October: Why the Best Time to Book Your Christmas Travel Is Now!

So, this time you have decided to welcome Santa Claus away from home in a new location? Well, it is a good idea, but have you started planning for it? Trust me; you will not be called crazy if you would plan your Christmas vacation now! Yes, in October!

Here we have rounded up some reasons to plan your Christmas holiday in October

To get the room and flight you want

Consider it: You turn up late to the party, and now only a few sandwiches and one drink are there on the buffet table. View your holiday in the same manner: late vacation planning and your options get squeezed. Arrive early, and every option is there for you.

Yes, booking early ensures that you get the room or flight you wanted! Waiting until the last minute means you would have to settle for second or even third choice.

By booking early, you would have the best chance to travel on the dates you want stay in a hotel that ticks all the boxes and do what your heart desires. It’s Christmas celebration, so why should you settle for whatever your travel agent recommends you at the last minute?

To save money

This year, Christmas is on Monday. It means, there would be a long weekend—Saturday to Monday. If you book your flights and hotel rooms well in advance, you would be able to save a good chunk of money. Moreover, early booking makes it easy for you or your travel agent to include all the excursions you want. It can also help you get some amenities for free. Isn’t it a pretty good idea?

To keep stress away

While you are embarking on the holiday to stay away from stress, you would have to deal with it while planning a vacation. Whether it is a one-day trip or a weeklong vacation, lot of stress is involved in vacation planning. But if you start planning early, you would be in a better state to manage your holiday and keep the stress at bay. It would be all about celebrating the festival without worrying about the details.

To ensure your family travels with you

Christmas is all about welcoming Santa Claus with family or friends. You can easily turn your vacation into a ‘family vacation’ by including your loved ones in your travel plans. With prior notice, you would be able to book a room for your other travel companions as well. Trust me, travelling with a large group is not easy between Christmas and New Year, in the absence of planning.

To get comprehensive travel Insurance

Sadly, accidents and unforeseen events like personal accident, loss of luggage, loss of passport, etc.; can arise even when you are enjoying a scuba diving during Christmas holiday. So instead of panicking, it is advised to buy a comprehensive travel insurance to secure your holiday.

Further, if you are visiting the Schengen region, buying a travel insurance policy becomes mandatory. But wait, just buying the insurance is not enough if it is not comprehensive. When you plan everything in advance, it also becomes easy to buy the best travel insurance policy for your journey.

When the time is in your stride, you can compare and choose the right international travel insurance. Moreover, reading the travel insurance policy document becomes easy if you buy it in advance.

Remember, an overseas travel insurance is necessary to ensure the safety of your vacation, so plan ahead and live (i.e., travel) happily.

To enjoy the pre-holiday buzz

Whether it is a long restful break in Greece or a dream holiday at Disneyland Park in California, there’s nothing like the pleasure and comfort which you can get by planning everything in advance. Once you know, where you would celebrate Christmas, use the internet to get a series of sublime scenes, which will surely add more fun to your vacation.

Look at photographs of beaches or places where you are going to flop on (yes, you can carry an outfit accordingly!), check out the amazing food options available at top-rated hotels and restaurants, plan day trips, make mental notes of all those activities which you would like to do. It means, your holiday is at your fingertips!

To plan your finances

While a prior planning means, you would have to spend early on your flight or hotel bookings, it can help you manage your travel budget. As you have sufficient time before the trip, you can create a travel budget and start saving a chunk of your earning towards it. Remember, while, money can’t buy happiness, it can certainly buy those things which can make you feel happy!

The best think about holiday spirit is that it can make you feel good about yourself without reason! Those people who wait until the festive spirit moves them to plan their vacation often find themselves in the soup when their decisions are swept away by the tide called ‘Christmas’. It means, they take such decisions which are not made consciously.

Either, such ‘late-planners’, over-spend or over-indulge. Also, they dance to the tunes of the season. Result: Lots of stress and holiday chaos.

Trust me, advance Christmas planning puts you (not your emotions) on the driver’s seat. Whether it is about choosing the destination to celebrate Christmas, setting the travel budget or making travel plans, you would have a more realistic attitude towards your Christmas celebration than the one who does everything last minute.

There is no clock ticking, mad rush to ‘choose’ a hotel that merely looks okay. If you plan judiciously, you would be able to plan new year celebration along with Christmas as well.

Plan first, celebrate later!

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