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4 Coastal Cities You Must Visit in Montenegro

Blessed with golden sunshine, pristine beaches wrapped by pure Adriatic waters, and the old, white, middle-aged towns of Montenegro, this country became the hottest European attraction. Place where its people are called lazy by their neighbour nations of ex-Yugoslavia (which is totally false) it proves that people of Montenegro are hardworking people that knows how to attract tourists with the history they have. The clean cities, white and clear beaches all that supplemented with pure and turquoise water is the secret how to make the tourists happy. There are many places to visit in Montenegro but here are the four biggest coastal cities that you must visit when you get here. You will be so amazed and amused by their beauties in the same time.

Budva, Montenegro

Budva is the places known for the beautiful sandy beaches, diverse and interesting nightlife and all that with a great mediterranean architecture. There are many places to visit in Budva, but the most interesting are in the Old Town. Each beach is unique so if you have time try to visit as much beaches as you can because there are featuring unique experiences. Near Budva there is the Most beautiful Islet and resort: Sveti Stefan (eng: Saint Stephen).

Budva bay

Image by Alexander Azarov via Flickr

Budva Old Town

Image by LEOnardo Sá via Flickr

Sveti Stefan, Budva

Image by ecl1ght via Flickr

Bar, Montenegro

Bar is the main connection of Montenegro by water. It is the biggest port that have regular ferries to Italy. While the beaches in Bar are mainly rocky and they are not so attractive, nor the city centre has some great attraction, be sure to get a day or two in Bar to visit the Old Town. Ruins of the old town of this port will connect you with the past through the old buildings that some of them dates from 800 BC.

Old Town of Bar

Image by Thomas Hackl via Flickr

Bar at Night

Image by Raymond Zoller via Flickr

Kotor, Montenegro

City of Kotor is located in the depth of Bay of Kotor. This bay is known as Boka Kotorska by the local people and the people of ex-Yugoslavia. This is medieval city that has many secrets. There are many places to visit here like: Rector’s Palace, clock tower, St Tryphon’s Cathedral, Maritime Museum, St Ivan’s Castle and the Church of Our Lady of Health.

Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska)

Image by Raging Wire via Flickr

Kotor at Night

Image by Biały via Flickr

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Herceg Novi is also a city in the Bay of Kotor. This city is built as a coastal resort during eighteenth century during the Austro-Hungarian rule. Old town with many places to visit and perfect fit for a long relaxing vacation.

Herceg Novi View

Image by Mark Turner via Flickr

Main Square

Image by Mark Turner via Flickr

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