Compelling reasons to visit Santorini Islands in Greece

Santorini group of island are arguably the most beautiful that you will come across in Greece. You will experience a blend of azure waters, towering cliffs and whitewashed buildings. Almost four thousand years ago, a massive volcanic eruption resulted in the heart of the southern islands of Cyclades to collapse. Aegean Sea poured into the caldera that resulted, leaving the volcanic rock with the shape of a crescent. This is what you see today and know it as Santorini.

This group of islands is endowed with plenty of natural beauty. The virgin nature of this region offers lakes, gorges, wetlands, steaming volcanoes, mountain forests and national parks that have more flowers that you would have seen anywhere else in the world. The great outdoor experience in Santorini offers you a vast tapestry of whitewashed buildings and landscapes that overlook the caldera. Visitors to this part of the world will be amazed by the ecological value and the biodiversity that unfolds before their eyes wherever they go; it may be through waterfalls, national parks, lakes, rushing rivers, mountain ranges, wetlands or the volcano.

These are all compelling reasons to visit the beautiful Greek Islands of Santorini. Besides, the natural environment and the mild climate in this region is perfect for riding, hiking, kayaking, rafting, canyoning   and mountain and rock climbing.

Do not miss out on the ethereal beauty offered by ecotourism of the Santorini Islands

The entire topography of this region offers ethereal beauty. The lakes particularly have their own legends and myths attached to them. Each lake is like a world unto itself and you will come across fascinating birds along with other wild creatures. The lakes in Santorini are worth exploring, regardless of whether they are mountainous or flat, large or small, inland or coastal; they are all worth visiting. The ecotourism enthusiasts can count on a memorable experience in this fabulous region.

This is the place that has the eleventh longest coastline that you will come across in the world. This coastline is almost eighty per cent mountainous and it beckons all adventure seekers. You will be stunned by the traditional villages that offer unique architecture and their customs will go back many centuries. The spectacular gorges, forest roads and hiking trails will lead the visitors off beaten tracks to rivers, lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, forests and valleys along ancient temples, churches and old castles. You will be able to soak in both the archaeological as well as the historical sides of this fascinating landscape.

Agro-Tourism in Santorini

The natural wonders of these Greek islands are always complemented by the hospitality shown by the people who dwell here. The locals welcome the visitors at traditional family-run hotels and guest houses. Tourists will get to sample local specialties such as Raki, wine and other ethnic cuisine at tavernas and restaurants. Visitors can also get a chance to visit agro-tourism hostels and various other family farms and they can even participate in the daily chores that involve production of cheese, milking of cows and gathering of olives. They can get to pick vegetables from the gardens, pluck grapes from the vineyards and also help in the production of wine and Raki. As a souvenir, they can carry back with them herbs, jams or honey bottles.

What is the best place to make a base in Santorini?

The best place to make your base in Santorini, is the Apanemo Hotel. Here, you will feel as if you are sleeping on the edge as the property is built at such a vantage point which offers the caldera rim for stunning views. Apanemo Hotel in this picturesque place has the reputation of providing views of beautiful sunsets. It is an unforgettable sight that offers silhouettes of these small islets with the background of cupolas and the pink domes of the churches.

Apanemo offers you comfort and luxury accommodation in Santorini. The food and wine are simply delicious here. You can sample some of the best gourmet cuisine of Greece in this hotels’ atmosphere and restaurants.

Catamaran Tours

Visitors can take advantage of Santorini Sailing and avail of half-day catamaran tours that are offered from £120 per head ($160). These tours include stops at beaches and usage of thermal pools along with complimentary drinks and lunch. Rock climbing and hiking are also provided on-shore. It is recommended that adventure seekers take up hiking from Santorini through the ruins of an abandoned Venetian castle and the hidden Theoskepasti chapel. People who are interested in the historic aspect of this region should visit Akrotiri which is considered as the Pompeii of the Aegean region. They will also be interested in visiting the preserved remains of a Minoan town dating back to the Bronze Age. It stands frozen and covered with volcanic ash.

The catamaran tour is a five-hour trip. You can enjoy the beaches of this place along with the volcanic landscape while sipping wine or beer. You get a chance to soak in the hot springs or even go snorkeling.

If you have already been and sailed the Aegean Sea, maybe you should try the Ionian Sea this time. Click here too meet another Greek island, Kefalonia, and enjoy your time on some of the most exotic Greek beaches.

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