Connect With Nature in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the province of Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. This national park has many beauties like hot springs, glaciers, many lakes, big mountains and great waterfalls. The Jasper National Park is a home of many different animals. It’s wildlife consists of elk, mountain lions, wolves, mountain goats, moose, deers, bears, coyotes and wolverines.

Jasper National Park was inspiration for creating the animated movie: Alpha and Omega. Two wolves are trying to return to their home, the Jasper National Park.

There are so many attractions to visit in Jasper National Park. First thing to know is that you must love hiking so you can visit all those places. You can always see the beauties of Athabasca Falls or Cameron Falls. Also you can enjoy the beauties of the Ramparts and the glaciers there. Hiking there you will also see the Valley of Five lakes, the Medicine lake or the Moab lake. There are so many mountains there but the one of the most attractive one is the Mount Edith Cavell.

With a good hike you can always set up camps and do camping there. But be aware of the wildlife and all those animals roaming the National Park. The kayaking, fishing and rafting is all possible in Jasper National Park.

Jasper National Park

Image by Scazon via Flickr

Athabasca Falls

Image by Pascal via Flickr

Cameron Falls

Image by Mark Stevens via Flickr

The Ramparts

Image by Miguel Vieira via Flickr

Hiker and Glacier, The Ramparts

Image by Miguel Vieira via Flickr

Medicine Lake

Image by Esther Lee via Flickr

Moab Lake

Image by Trevor Millions via Flickr

Mt. Edith Cavell

Image by Gary via Flickr

Valley of Five Lakes

Image by Gary via Flickr

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