Why Should You Consider Staying At A Bed And Breakfast?

Bed and breakfast stays are quite great when looking for lodging that relies around relaxation. There are B&Bs almost everywhere and the value that you get is almost always higher than in the hotels. Below you will find the main reasons why staying at a bed and breakfast is a very good idea. Read them and plan accordingly.

Great Prices

This is definitely the most important reason why you should seriously consider staying at the bed and breakfast. A hotel stay will not offer much for the money you pay. The rooms are small and breakfast is not always included. With a B&B you will receive a room that is comfortable and so many interesting free extras. In many cases this does include free parking, snacks, WiFi and breakfast. Even some discounts are available at times from the local attractions.

Getting Unique Rooms

Staying in a room at a B&B means that you will stay in a room that has characters. Most will be individually decorated so you can experience something different every single time. When travelling with the group, you will want to experience the rooms of the others and that in itself makes the stay a lot more entertaining. Many of the inns will allow you to book those rooms that you want, with a selection that is normally much higher than in the hotel. Combine this with different unique experiences and you can be sure your stay will be more interesting.


The history of most B&Bs is unique or at least highly interesting. Most of the establishments will be present in buildings that are restored, normally with age that goes over 100 years. Some are actually former plantation homes in the US and in France, it is possible to stay at an authentic chateau. The history of many of the bed and breakfasts are a reason why you should visit in the first place.

Receiving Personal Attention

Staying at a hotel automatically means that the experience is not personalized. When you stay at the B&B you can expect the exact opposite. Innkeepers will normally do all that they can in order to be sure that your stay is comfortable and that you feel welcomed. The size is smaller than the average hotel so you can expect assistance and attention from staff members in a way that is simply not available with hotels. You can ask for advice about what you can visit and what is not covered by popular guides, together with where you can enjoy a great dinner.

Little Things That Count

Last but not least, when you stay at a B&B, you will receive many little extras, all with the purpose of making the stay comfortable. For instance, you may see some warm cookies waiting for you in the lobby and you may receive wine or hors d’oeuvres during evenings. Do think about the different perks offered and do not be ashamed to ask when you research what B&B to stay at. You may be surprised by something you would really like.

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