Cook Islands Offer Something New And Unexplored

What destination you will visit this summer? Some choose already checked and visited vacation spots, while some want to visit different places each year. Everybody with their own desires and preferences. If you already think about your summer vacation, let we help you to choose a destination worth to visit. So, we represent you the Cook Islands.

They are located 3,500 kilometers northeast of New Zealand and 1,000 km southeast of Tahiti, or precisely in the middle of the Pacific. All fifteen of them are roughly divided into two groups. The northern group combines coral islands, while the southern group of islands has volcanic origin. Most of the larger Cook Islands have its own coral reefs that protect the peaceful lagoon. The Cook Islands are a self-governing state in association with New Zealand and is situated on an area of 240 square kilometers. Main center is the city of Avarua, located on the island of Rarotonga.

Despite the small area of land, Cook Islands are rich with animal and plant life. Carefully preserve its nature, the capital city is the seat of an international organization for the protection of whales. From July to October around the Cook Islands travel humpback whales. For Cook Islands there are no poisonous animals and insects and national flower there is gardenia.

Cook Islands are known for their pleasant and not too hot climate, as well as sunny days almost throughout all year. There you will never be cold because the average annual temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. Weather extremes are unusual and very rare.
The hosts are open and friendly people, extremely hospitable and spontaneous. Their ancient culture alive through music, dance, legends and relaxed lifestyle. The tradition is passed down from generation to generation.
Cook Islands will give you peace and calmness. This destination is worth to visit, in order to enjoy all the beauties that it offers.

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