Copacabana Beach – Most Visited Summer Destination From The Young People

Having fun under the open sky at carnival atmosphere, beautiful women and many kilometers sandy beaches are the reasons why many young people will travel to the Brazilian coast this summer. Brazil is definitely the most suitable destination when it comes to entertainment for European tourists. It offers unique travel experiences especially if you visit the beaches of Copacabana.

Copacabana beach is known for the fact that each year it hosts millions of celebrants at New Eve. Also it often has been a place of maintaining the official FIFA World Cup in soccer in the sand.

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The most famous beach in Brazil and certainly one of the most famous in the world is Copacabana beach. Copacabana is located on the east coast of Brazil and taken full advantage of the fantastic weather conditions throughout the year. That is one of the reasons why millions of tourists visit this beach every year. While some grabbing a place on a crowded beach during the summer weekends, many go to the end of this beautiful place to play volleyball. There are a lot of volleyball courts, playgrounds and equipment for other sports activities. Copacabana beach seems endlessly with its 4 kilometers long. At either end of the beach are the old forts which now represent a tourist attraction.

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Fort Copacabana on the south side is built in 1914 and Fort Duque de Caxias at the northern end is built back in 1779. On the entire length of Copacabana are situated attractive hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs, very well known to many tourists around the world. If you want to relax, you will be delighted by the fact that you can find a massage on the same beach. In fact, you will not have to leave this beautiful place at all, because it has absolutely everything you need. As you walk along the beach, you will see so many amazing and unique sculptures made by sand. The artistic work is not limited to the beach, because at the paved promenade you have plenty of options for exotic dishes and refreshing drinks.

Image by alobos Life via Flickr

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