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Coronavirus and Travel: What You Need To Know?

Coronavirus has impacted every segment of our lives unprecedently, especially the traveling part. Many of us love to hit our favorite travel destinations monthly or annually to get away from our hectic schedules. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are uncertain about when things will go back to normal; or will it ever go back to normal.

With uncertainty comes many questions, and, typically, many travelers have various questions on their minds that desperately need answers. In this blog post, we will cover most of the common questions that are rising amid pandemic.

1. When Can We Travel Again?

As per the reports, a few holiday destinations have taken necessary measures towards reopening the cities for travelers, such as hard-hit Italy, Portugal, and several islands in the Caribbean. Domestic attractions like national parks have been reopened as the country slowly exits the lockdown period.

However, even though a few holiday destinations are starting to rebound, the airlines will need to adapt to new health measures and arrange for a large number of airline crews and airport workers to make the air travel pre-COVID level.

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2. How Does COVID-19 Affects The Travel Plan?

Since there is no definite future when things will get back to normal, many people are postponing the trips they were looking forward to this year.

These are some ways you, as a traveler, may notice the impact of changes.

Airline Cancellation Policies:

Many airlines around the world have updated their cancellation policies and even completely halted certain flights. Few airlines also have extended rebooking for flights canceled during the coronavirus epidemic providing a generous wiggle room. Also, it is important to note that airlines are legally obligated to provide you with a cash refund if you do not want vouchers.

Cruise Cancellation Policies:

COVID-19 has seen a rare occurrence in the cruise company’s cancellation policies. The cruise company–initiated cancellations are quite limited; however, many cruise lines have relaxed their cancellation and rebooking policies to help travelers.

Hotel And Home Rental Cancellation Policies:

The cancellation policies of airlines and cruises have directly impacted the hotel and home rental cancellation policies. The cancellation policies may highly differ if you have booked on your own or through a third party. Major high-end Hotel chains have waived the cancellation fees, and a few are following last-minute reservation changes without usual penalties.

3. How Has Coronavirus Impacted The Travel Industry?

The travel industry is undoubtedly profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but many hotels, airlines, cruise ships, and destinations have quickly reacted to this significant event. Many industries have stepped up to help instead.

Destinations And All The Major Events Are Closed:

Major events like the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics now stand postponed to 2021, with a new opening ceremony date already announced. Even the primary economic driver of Munich, the Oktoberfest has been canceled.

All the major destinations are closed and are expected to be opened in July.

Cruising Is Suspended:

The cruise industry has completely suspended all the operations till July; however, lack of traveling has not stopped these cruises to stay vacant.

Carnival Corporation has offered up to 15 vessels to act as floating hospitals and temporary housing.

Many other cruise ships are anchored off the coast, so the crew living onboard can access essentials. Some cruise lines are also taking initiatives to implement rigorous health and safety initiatives until they sail again.

Transportation Companies Are Implementing New Safety Measures:

On the other hand, transportation companies are updating their cleaning routines to offer customers more comfort. These measures include providing curbside, contactless delivery, thorough sanitizing on high touch points, obligatory face masks for both passengers and drivers, lengthier cleaning checklists, etc.

Hotels And Home Rentals Are Housing First Responders:

The high-end hotel chains, home rentals, and Airbnb are doing their part by offering the eerily vacant hotels and rooms to house healthcare workers, offering free or subsidized housing.

These brands are also implementing new safety measures for when the travel industry opens up.

Bottom Line

Even though staying at home can be challenging, it is the best way to protect yourself and your family during this unfortunate event. You can always find new ways to entertain yourself; all you need to do is be more creative.

We hope this blog post was able to provide you answers for almost all of your traveling questions.

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