Costa Rica, Rich Country With Natural Beauties – Part 2

Yesterday we gave some general information about Costa Rica in the first part of Costa Rica, Rich Country With Natural Beauties. Today we are going to share some interesting facts about this interesting small county in Central America. Read them along with those beautiful pictures.

-Costa Ricans calls themselves as Ticos and Ticas.
-There are 801 mile of coast in Costa Rica.
-It only takes 0.03% of Earth’s surface but it has 5% of its biodiversity.

Buena Vista Villas & Casas, Quepos, Puntarenas

Image by kansasphoto via Flickr

Monteverde Rainforest, Puntarenas

Image by alex de carvalho via Flickr

-There are more than 121 volcanos, and 7 of those are active.
-There are more than 750,000 species of insects in Costa Rica, 20,00 different type of spiders and 10% of world’s butterflies live there.

Waterfall in La Fortuna

Image by BORIS G via Flickr

-Costa Rica had female president, Laura Chinchilla.
-There are no winters and summers, just dry seasons from December-April and rainy seasons from May-November.
-Average life expectancy is 77 years.

Arenal Volcano

Image by Arden via Flickr

Puerto Quepos, Puntarenas

Image by MURIELLE via Flickr

-“Pura vida” is national saying meaning “Pure life” which they use for greetings, goodbyes or if someone asks you how are you doing.
-Ticos put coffee in their babies’ milks and they often give coffee to their kids.
-There are 2-40 earthquakes per months in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Beach

Image by Mauge via Flickr

Rio Agujitas, Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula

Image by Trish Hartmann via Flickr

You can see more beautiful pictures at Costa Rica, Rich Country With Natural Beauties – Part 1

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