Costa Rica welcomes first luxury yacht charters since new law came into force 1 Nov

Costa Rica’s recent change in marine laws has opened this fascinating destination to charter yachts.

M/Y FORMOSA was amongst the first charter yachts to utilise the new law, which came into effect 1 November. The new legislation legalises foreign-flagged charter activities in Costa Rica. It allows charter yachts to remain for up to a year, enabling many charterers the ability to realise their dreams of exploring this bio-diverse country aboard a luxury yacht charter.

The landmark ruling follows years of lobbying by the Costa Rica Marine Association and Fraser, a leading global yacht brokerage. Following a unanimous vote in mid-March 2021, the law was signed into effect just a few weeks later, on 5 April, by Costa Rica’s president, Carlos Alvarado Quesada.

Costa Rica offers world-class marinas facilities and cruising anchorages offering the utmost convenience for private yacht charters, including Herradura, Quepos, and Papagayo, with more planned in the future.

Yacht charter guests can also enjoy incredible and exclusive experiences, courtesy of Origen Escapes, a Costa Rica based travel company that has partnered with Fraser.

Costa Rica yacht charter

One of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet, Costa Rica offers an incredible charter experience on its Caribbean and Pacific coastlines.

Explore tumbling waterfalls, simmering volcanoes, or lush rainforests bursting with flora and fauna. Alternatively, spend some downtime lazing on sun-drenched tropical beaches or sink beneath the waves and discover healthy coral reefs filled with colourful marine life.  For those seeking a hair-raising experience, check out some of Costa Rica’s legendary zip-lining adventures offering a bird’s eye view of Costa Rica’s lush tropical landscapes or enjoy a whitewater-rafting experience bound to delight even the most ardent thrill-seekers.

Just some of Costa Rica’s highlights include Arenal Volcano, Isla Tortuga, and Tortuguero National Park.

Arenal Volcano soars some 5,670-feet into the sky, with visitors often treated to smoke billowing from its peak. Enjoy a guided walk along one of the several trails that wind their way around the volcano, then reward yourself with a spa experience at one of the many naturally heated pools.

Isla Tortuga lies just off Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline and is accessible only by boat. Its lush tropical interior is a haven for wildlife, while idyllic white sandy beaches and coves pepper its picturesque coastline. Equal beauty lies below the island’s surrounding azure blue waters, where a host of colourful marine life awaits, including manta rays, octopuses, and spinner dolphins.

For nature enthusiasts, Tortuguero National Park is a must-visit. Located along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coastline, the park is made up of rainforests and mangroves that are home to an incredibly diverse range of critters. Turtles can be seen throughout the year; however, for an incredible experience, visit during February and April for an opportunity to see rare leatherback turtles’ nesting.

For those in search of adventure, stunning wildlife, picturesque scenery, and azure blue waters, a Costa Rica yacht charter will not disappoint.

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