The Cream of Goa Lies in these Four Things

Delhi, sure has too much in store for itself, from posh and popular malls, to adventure parks and creme de la creme of the restaurants and cafes. Yet, the Delhiites crave for some things, which no matter what, can not be accessible in the capital city. So, this vacation treat yourself with a memorable trip to Goa, as Goa has something, which Delhi can never offer. Catch the next Delhi to Goa train and make haste to Goa.

Goa is a perfect place to visit with your friends and also your beloved. This little state has a lot in store to offer to everyone. So, make way to Goa and book your tickets before you run out of all the discounts available on various sites. Delhi to Goa train being booked everyday is quite a common thing nowadays, with the approaching vacation time. Similarly trains and flights from all other cities of India, too are being booked in copious amounts.

Here is a nice package of all those things you can do in Goa, which will jazz up your trip to the fullest and make it the most memorable.

Goan Beaches: The Trifle Pride of Goa

Even though there is no dearth of beaches in Goa, yet each one is unique and different in its own style. You can get a nice variety of all kinds of beaches here, from the most secluded and quiet beaches, to the flocked up beaches or the market beaches like the Anjuna Beach or even beaches hosting rave parties at night. So, no beach is same, and every beach will give you its unique perks. Some beaches are picture perfect for their quintessential sunrise and sunset vistas, while some are blanketed with slush greenery of the trees, edged on the beach.

Water Sports in Goa for all the Fun Lovers:

Let your adrenaline gush out, with the enthralling adventure sports in the waters of the Goan beaches. The wild waters of the Goan beaches make it perfect for the water sports. Enjoy your hearts out sky diving in the sea, or go funny at the banana ride. If not that go stylish with the motor boat, or paraglide in the calm waters. Scuba diving is a must thing to do in Goa, as the tranquil azure sea, will pacify you to the core. You can also go, watching the dolphins play around. It is quite popular in Goa.

Cruising is Iconic in Goa, Must Not Miss it

You can go on a dinner date or lunch on a cruise in the serene waters of Goa. Nothing could be more romantic than having a nice time with your beloved, in the cruise ship. Another interesting and rare thing about cruising in Goa is that, most of the casinos are housed here. So, you can have a nice time, cruising here. Deltin Royale is the most extravagant and the best casino in Goa.

Rendezvous with the Churches of Goa

The churches of Goa are popular for their Portuguese style architecture, and some of them are so old, they are standing since the Colonial times. Pay a visit to one of them.

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