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How to Create the Perfect ‘Festival’ Wedding

Summer is renowned for two things here in the UK – music festivals where you dance the night away with friends, and weddings where the same sort of fun occurs. So, when planning your dream big day why not combine both to create the ultimate festival experience for you and your guests?

Sounds like a huge undertaking? Well, here’s how to do it:

Music is important

What would a festival be without music? The same principle applies to your wedding day and reception. Consider a theme. If you and your partner like to rock out to the sort of music played at Download then incorporate this into your big day – your wedding should feel personal, after all, and nothing is perhaps more special to you than having Babymetal playing as your first dance choice. Your Nan might be a little confused though.

Also, if you can get a live band to play, that will only enhance the festival vibe further. Scout for local tribute acts for the evening or an acoustic artist to play when you stop for food.

Food is also important

Think back to those long days spent at festivals, indulging in greasy burgers, cheesy chips and trays full of curry, while sipping from a plastic cup of beer or wine. Many local takeaways and restaurants have hot food vans that are available to rent out for the day, so you could feed your guests with everything from fresh fish and chips to seaside-style ice cream for dessert!

Camp out

Festivals are synonymous with camping under the stars but camping at your wedding means you won’t have to deal with that drunk guy at 3am who returns to the campsite and falls onto your tent. Companies such as Camp Kerala provide luxury wedding camping options, which allow you and your guests to simply retire to a glamorous tent at the end of the night and really embrace that festival theme.

Glam it up

There’s a certain element of glam when it comes to festivals and flower crowns and glitter will work perfectly with your diamond rings and other jewellery that you intend to wear on the big day. Encourage everyone to turn up dressed to party, not necessarily in black tie, and embrace the casual vibe for your big day.


Want to let everyone know what the theme is when you send out the invites? Then do it in style with some festival lanyards that feature all the important information your guests will require. You can have these custom made via a company such as Wedfest, who specialise in festival themed wedding stationery – check out the invites here. You can also get extras such as festival wristbands to really nail the theme!

Finishing touches

Outdoor, festival themed weddings need a few finishing touches such as sparklers for the evening, ice buckets full of drinks and plenty of twinkling fairy lights hanging from trees.

Photo booths with props are also a great idea and a concept that has gained in popularity over the past couple of years so you should have no trouble finding a company who can provide such a service. Or you could do it yourself with a camera set up on a tripod, a pretty backdrop and plenty of handheld props to play with. Play around with the festival theme and create a summer wedding to remember!

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