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Creating A Cosy Winter Home

Winter can often leave your home feeling dark and miserable with the cold weather outside. In which case, it’s the perfect excuse to redecorate your home to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. There’s nothing better than being warm and snug indoors and watching the rain or snow fall outside your window. So, here are 5 cosy winter home interior design ideas to help you hibernate this season:

Increase Your Ambient Lighting

Brighten things up indoors by adding other sources of light. You can do this by incorporating floor lamps into the room, as well as smaller table lamps. Additionally, when Christmas time comes around then you can go all out with warming fairy lights around the room. This gives the room a soft, magical glow. Making it feel inviting as soon you walk in.

Get Cosy With Textures

Pile on the throws and cushions to create cosy vibes in your home. Gather an extra collection of comfy cushions you can bring out when the winter time really sets in. Cover your sofa with a warm, fluffy throw that complements the rest of your interior design. Popular materials like velvet, chunky knits and fleece all work well for layering cosy textures.

Cover Up Cold Floors And Windows

You may have tiled or wooden flooring in your home, and this can often make the room feel colder once winter comes around. While hard flooring is stylish and easy to clean, there’s nothing like the feel of something warm and cosy under your feet when it’s cold outside. Consider adding a rug or two to your living room and dining room to create a cosier atmosphere and keep your feet warm during the winter. Whether you opt for a shaggy rug or fluffy rug, both will instantly transform the space.

When it comes to your windows, it’s a good idea to cover them so as not to let any unnecessary draught in. Use cushions to line the window if you’ve got a seated window sill, and research the best types of blinds that will keep the heat in. You can also use draught protectors at the bottom of conservatory doors to keep the warm air inside.

Utilise Your Fireplace

Many people tend to either close off their fireplace altogether or use it as a decorative feature in the room. Though this interior design trend does add another element to the space, it also prevents you using the fireplace for what it was originally intended – heating up your home. A traditional fireplace can warm your whole house when looked after well, so why not utilise your fireplace in the winter? Once you’re finished it’s a good idea to get a chimney sweeper to clean it so you can use it again next year.

Introduce Soft New Aromas

The scent of your home can greatly impact how it feels. The right, warming aroma can help you to create that cosy winter feel inside. Choose Christmas spice scented candles and earthy diffusers to ease you into the festive season.

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