Creating Special Kids’ Spaces for Learning and Playing

A kids’ room has always been a child’s sanctuary within the family home. And while the design must reflect their attitude, and personality, it is must also create a balance between learning, and playing. Turning a familiar playful scene into an informal learning environment, can have an immense impact on kids’ development, and aid their journey in childhood. Creating specialized areas around the room, and incorporating ingenious furniture design, will be a stimulating experience for their brain, and a fun experience for the heart.

A Comfy Book Club

Create a snug, and comfy reading corner within the child domain. Turning a dull corner into book club, you need to rely on soft textures, and warm colors, to turn each sitting into a pleasurable experience. Put a couple of bean-bag chairs, and stack pillows and blankets in, and around them. Make sure to get a lamp that will provide the optimal reading conditions, and choose the corner closest to the window. Also, create a simple yet creative shelf design that will spark imagination, and stack them with books, to inspire them to explore the tales in the pages.

A Handy Workshop

As restless as kids’ hands are, they can be put to good use, and even learn something new. Setting up a workshop in the children’s room is an ample way to satisfy their need for activity, expression, and fun. Put in a basic table, and let their first project be to decorate it, making sure it is approachable from all sides. Install a rack near-by, where they hand their tools, and learn the importance of keeping their station clean. It will be a place where creativity will blossom, and ingenious arts and crafts projects an every-day occurrence.

A Motivational Study Area

A study area always has a deterrent feel to it, but is an important one, especially for school kids. Use a basic desk with drawers and the all-important ergonomic chair, as the foundation of the study. Now look around, and incorporate their most cherished toys into the design. Include Sideshow Collectibles in the display cabinet above the desk or create a couple of Lego shelves with all their figurines, motivating them to finish their homework. Together with colorful posters, or framed puzzle pictures, it will bring light into a dull space, driving them to study faster, so they can spend the rest of the day playing.

A School away from School

Fuelled by their imagination kids also adore play-pretend. And while it may seem as just another game, apart from developing creativity, kids can also learn, and master various other skills. To improve their pretend-school experience introduce a chalkboard wall, providing them with a canvas for first steps in reading and writing. For math, or geography you can include a brightly colored picture carpet. And a bulletin board made out of cork can be the ideal place to put up the itinerary, words of the day, or punch holes to teach them how to tie their shoes.

Being Creative around Storage

Teach kids to be organized by including creative storage designs in their room. Put in some lockers, or chests where they can store their toys. With a simple sanding, and a new paint job, olds crates can be mounted on the wall to encourage their love of basketball, and make cleaning the room a fun experience. You can also choose make storage one of their art projects, by creating themed storage units. In any case, helping them keep the room clutter free, you are teaching them the value of being organized, neat, and tidy.

Relying on your creativity when designing the kids’ room, you will ultimately allow your kids to bridge the space between playing, and learning. Once that happens, their own little kingdom will be the place where play-time becomes a fun, and enjoyable educational experience.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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