Croatian Capital Zagreb, Place That Waits To Be Explored

The Croatian capital Zagreb is very charming place for a short city break, perfect for high-quality battery charging and enjoying. Follow the small road signs and be prepare to relax. Zagreb is blend of traditional and modern Central European city, rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and modern lifestyle, which tells the unique story interesting to every visitor.

One of the factors for visiting Zagreb is sure that it is the strongest economic or business center of Croatian. That is the main reason why parts of visitors go there for business activity, not tourism. However, if you had chance visit the city of Zagreb as a tourist, you will not regret.

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is situated by the river Sava and at the foot of the mountain Medvednica. This city is characterized by Austria-Hungarian architecture, parks and a multitude of charming small streets, which are one of the main reasons that attracts tourists worldwide. Many traditional buildings, creatively landscaped parks in the city center, lots of greenery, natural beauty and urban culture of life provide visitors a unique experience in an environment that leaves you breathless. Allow yourself the opportunity to visit the Upper Town, where you can see the church of St. Mark’s Cathedral or Stone Gate.

Zagreb is known for its culture of sitting in cafes and restaurants for hours, so do not hesitate if you wish to relax in any locale in the center. When you are tired from walk, explore and drinking coffee, try some of the local restaurant. When it comes to cultural tourism, make it Lauba to be the first stop on your tour. Lauba is a place for experiencing, learning, entertainment and social interaction. Also, do not miss a truly unique place, the Museum of Broken Relationships. This museum was created out of a traveling exhibition which concept was failed relationships.

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