Curb Appeal: 12 Ways to Improve Your Property’s Appearance

Your neighbors, guests and passersby will instantly judge your home based on its exterior design. If it appears worn, unkempt, dull and disorganized, you can guarantee people will believe your interior looks the same inside.

If you want to feel proud of your home each day, which can lead to others forming a great first impression, read the 12 ways to improve your property’s appearance.

Clean Your Yard Every Season

It is easy for a yard to accumulate much dirt and debris throughout each season. For example, you will likely find loose branches, old leaves and overgrown shrubs after a wet and windy winter. An hour or two out of your day could, however, transform your outdoor space to create a stunning exterior to welcome you home. For example, you should rake away leaves, prune shrubs and remove tree limbs that have fallen down.

Transform Your Windows

Sparkling, attractive windows will not only improve your interior design, but they can also transform the look and feel of your exterior. For example, you should clean your windows to ensure they are streak and blemish free. Don’t forget to scrub your window frames, either! Your home might also benefit from high-quality glass upgrades or plantation shutters from Wandsworth Sash Windows.

Illuminate Your Exterior

Shine a spotlight on your property’s best features by incorporating high-quality lighting. For example, you could illuminate an entrance or walkway with stylish sconces or wall lighting. You also could highlight a beautiful tree or pergola by draping them in magical fairy lights. A well-lit garden will make your property appear attractive and loved, which will ensure your exterior is the envy of the street.

Care for Your Lawn

An overgrown, messy lawn can make your home look the opposite of attractive. Prove to others you are a proud homeowner by taking the time to care for grass. For example, you should routinely pull out your lawnmower to maintain a healthy, green lawn that will complement your property’s architectural design.

You also should use an effective weed killer to eliminate the unattractive plants that could make your garden appear unloved, and you should rake away old leaves and keep it well-watered to prevent brown spots.

Perform Essential Repairs

Problems can suddenly arise in your yard overtime. For example, your mailbox could appear old or dented or your paving might be cracked or loose. It might be time to make essential repairs, so buy a new mailbox or replace broken paving that could be a safety hazard. Little tweaks can make a big difference to your property’s curb appeal.

Clean Your Yard with a Pressure Washer

Much mildew and dirt can build up over time outside your home. Thankfully, you can quickly eliminate the dirty surfaces that have developed overtime. For example, you could buy or rent a pressure washer to clean your:

  • Front walkway
  • Driveway
  • Patio
  • Pool deck
  • Fencing

It can make the exterior surfaces look as good as new, so your home will stand out from the many houses in your street.

Invest in a New Front Door

Your front door will be the first feature people will notice about your property. Rather than following in the footsteps of your neighbors, you should choose a design and color that will make your property pop.

It is a great way to express your personality while adding some individuality to your property. For example, you could be a little adventurous by choosing a door in a bright color, such as bright yellow or cobalt blue. You also could help your home to exude style and sophistication with a shade of black.

Add Symmetry

Make passersby fall deeply in love with your property by aiming to create a symmetrical space. For example, you could position identical plants on either side of your doorway or you could install outdoor lights in pairs. It can be an effective way to enhance your property’s architectural features.

Install High-Quality Door Accessories

In addition to investing in a brand-new door or paint color, you should consider installing high-quality door accessories that will provide your home with the wow factor. For example, you should purchase attractive doorknobs, letterboxes and knockers. However, you must ensure the style of the accessories compliment your property’s age and design, which will add to the charm and character of your home.

Add a Splash of Color

Make your guests, neighbors and passersby take notice of your home by adding a splash of color into your exterior design. For example, you could lift the entrance of your home by incorporating hanging baskets, window boxes and flower beds. Aim to use vibrant colors that will turn a dull yard into a vibrant space, such as yellow, white or purple flowers.

Clean Your Gutters

While your property might feature a beautiful door, a symmetrical design and a clean and organized space to welcome guests, dirty gutters will only detract from your exterior. It is, therefore, important to clean any debris out of your gutters and to give the outside a good scrub to ensure it sparkles.

Add a Wreath

Add beauty and color to your home by hanging a wreath onto your front door. Believe it or not, the outdoor accessories aren’t just for Christmas, as there are many stunning wreath designs that can complement your home year-round. It is, however, wise to steer away from seasonal elements and opt for dried or preserved florals and greens, which will make your home appear elegant every season.


An aesthetically pleasing property will not only provide you with a warm welcome when you arrive home each working day, but it can also make your exterior appear more attractive and stylish to your guests, neighbors and passersby.

What’s more, an enhanced curb appeal can boost the value of your property, which could ensure you sell your home for a higher price should you one day to decide to sell.

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