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The Dancing House – Wondrous Building That Attracts Millions of Tourists

Today we face the advances in technology, as well as many new buildings and facilities that reflect the modernity. In the world there are many structures that are capable of causing a storm of emotions. Some are created by architects from around the world and some are masterpiece of talented people, some cause shock and surprise, others smile and joy. Mainly they left no one indifferent.

It is important to mention that Czech National Bank had issued 2000 Czech coins with the general shape of Dancing House on them. That motive of the building is a part of the collection “10 centuries of architecture.” Prague is a city with a rich history and culture and is considered one of the most beautiful European cities. And the Dancing House is just one monument which is the most visited by tourists throughout the year.

Image by Russell McNeil via Flickr

Image by Cathrine Idsøe via Flickr

Nationale-Nederlanden building officially gets the nickname Fred and Ginger after the legendary dancing duo of Astaire and Rogers and it was designed by the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić. Also it is known as Dancing House. That facility is located along the Vltava River in Prague. This interesting building was built between 1992 and 1996 and gets the place of building that was destroyed during the bombing in 1945. This rarity in Prague represents a modern glass object which is surrounded by historic architecture.

Image by Matteo Piotto via Flickr

Image by Jorge Castro via Flickr

Image by zenra via Flickr

Czechs use the name Dance building, but those who do not want it, call it ugly building that looks like a crushed can of Coke. This non-traditional design makes the house very popular despite the fact that Prague is known for Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau style of buildings. The building is very contrast to the other buildings that surround it and is made in “new-baroque” mode according to designers. The top floor is only open to the public and there is located one of the city’s leading restaurants “La perle de Prague”. There you can have a romantic dinner enjoying the beautiful scenery of the city.

Image by Pedro Szekely via Flickr

Image by ffrg0 via Flickr

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