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Denmark – Leisure, Entertainment, and Sports

In Denmark, people try to create a better environment by promoting new and greener ways of living, more ecological transportation, industry and more. Along with the sustainable schedule, Denmark is a country with a glorious cultural residue, because of its prosperity and wealth. Art is encouraged by the state, and this gives sufficient chances for artists to develop and display their creativity. But Denmark is also a nation where young culture blossoms in the ground. You find unfinanced graffiti, and street art and cultural celebrations based primarily on voluntary work.

Denmark has a rich cultural legacy, in literature, music, theatre, and the arts, and this is displayed in the many cultural centers, galleries, theatres, and cinemas in the country. It also has a booming national movie industry.


Danish people relish a wide range of sporting and recreation activities. Soccer is particularly popular in Denmark, along with handball, gymnastics, cycling, swimming and a wide range of other sports. The National Team (Verdensholdet) travels all over the astounding world public with performances of powerful expression. The Danish gymnastic association (DGI) Danske Gymnastik og Idrætsforeninger can be traced back to the mid-1800’s.


Movies from Denmark often reward the makers with comments about the humor involved, such that conclusively speaking, “Danish films are supported – they are funny!” It is important to realize that sometimes the jokes aren’t quite fit for translation. The play of words in Denmark is very entertaining and sports a special sense of humor that is “typical” Danish, far more known as an almost sarcastic variation of irony. So a direct English to Danish translation for them is sometimes more difficult than anyone knows. Recommended Danish films are “Den eneste ene,” “Små Ulykker,” “Italiensk for Begyndere (2000),” “Nattevagten” and many more. Take in any Dogma film (“Mifunes sidste sang”).


Denmark is also recognized for its numerous music festivals. During the summer, there is a wide variety of both Danish, western and international rock, pop, folk, and jazz music to pick from. The most famous festivals are the Skanderborg Festival, the Folk Festival in Tønder, the Roskilde Festival, and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. The Roskilde Festival is one of the most significant and most trendsetting experiences on the European rock scene.


Traditions are a pretty significant thing for Danes, and they always make sure to follow them by letter particularly those that include snaps, beer, and partying. Some of them appear mysterious others are more common, but all of them give an insight into the Danish culture and fascinate foreigner’s interest.

Good Quality of Life

International studies honor Denmark as the happiest country in the world. This does not mean that Danes are continually cheering and partying on the roads. What the studies show is that the Danes enjoy a very high level of satisfaction with life. They possess an equal work life with an insight of financial security and the freedom and possibility to pursue personal goals in life.

Final Words

An air of patience and kindness is noticeable right away, which significantly helps with the transition, while the country is exceptionally well-organized and you won’t have any problem settling any possible matters soon after arrival. This exists true even if you don’t speak the Danish language since the most of the people you meet will be good in English and very possibly German as well.

Danes have a wonderful sense of humor that can sound difficult or even plain insane to a new ear, even if there is nothing evil behind it. That’s quite a difference to the civility that you see at every step and could take you by wonder if you are not ready. Direct and frank comments coming from your Danish friends are a sign that they are warming up to your appearance and letting you see the deep side of their characters without worrying to soften the sharp edges.

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