Denver, Colorado – The Best City to Live in America

If you are convinced that New York and California are two of the best cities to live in America, this article will take you by surprise. Denver, Colorado has officially been named the best place to live in America by the Business Insider. You should keep in mind that the study is based on the following factors:

  • ability to find well-paid jobs
  • quality of education
  • cost of living, population
  • traffic
  • well-developed healthcare system

These and a number of other factors form the American study, which has lead to the conclusion that Denver, Colorado is indeed the best place to live in the States.

Known as the Mile High City for its 1,609 meters (5, 278 feet) of maximum altitude, Denver is a creative and diverse city. Many are attracted to it because of the warm weather (over 300 sunny days per year) or its proximity to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

This is no surprise, considering the fact that over 200 mountain peaks are visible from Denver, making for a truly inspiring city views.

Following simple logic, such inspiring views seem like the perfect explanation why Denver is home to the second largest Performing Arts Complex (shown below). Furthermore, the city’s students are taking the proud second place in being America’s most educated pupils.

However, other are attracted by the fact that Denver is the city, which brews over 200 types of different beer on daily basis! This is the largest and most diverse beer brewing in America by far. Such facts automatically convert Denver into Disneyland for all beer savants.

The Coors Field, also known as the Home of the Rockies, is one of the preferred places for a quiet escape from the city. There you can enjoy the warm weather while sipping on that unique Denver beer.

A curious fact

Did you know that the 865 purple stadium seats are also a mile high (just like the 13th step of the Capitol’s stairs [5280 ft to be exact])? They serve as a reminder of the city altitude, something all locals are quite proud of.

There you have it, the number one city to live in America – Denver, Colorado.

With its beautiful mountain views, arts exhibitions, sports passion, beer diversion and countless number of possibilities, this city just might become your favourite one of all.

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