You Can’t Miss These Designer Shower Heads

Design adds soul to a bare space and brings it to life. Designers sweat the stuff to churn out some marvellous and exotic creations that inspire, relax and rejuvenate or simply hold us in awe of the creation. Key ingredients must be excellent quality, durability and styling and must be versatile enough to fuse into new and existing spaces and adapt to the décor.

Bathrooms have evolved over the years from simple, utility spaces and emerged into rooms for splendour and innovation. Bathroom design has also witnessed marked changes-bringing unprecedented comfort and convenience to the homeowners. Gone are the days when the only designer products available were bathtubs and Basins. Bath-time can now be an experience for the senses with smart use of design, colour (chromotherapy), new-age features, and smart functionality. Modern design now extends to every bathroom accessory, big and small. Let’s check out three out-of-the-box showerheads that are hard to miss.


You can get bathroom accessories in all shapes and sizes-some to stylize and some to create a relaxing ambience. The PLUVIAE offers both in good measure through its twisted, minimalistic profiling. The curtain rail merges into the showerhead design to give you this single cohesive offering. The water-efficient fixture with wall mounted installation is crafted from brushed stainless steel that assures years of use. It provides water at a balanced temperature for comfortable showering and includes built-in wall support with 1/2″ built-in connection.

Expertly crafted by a renowned designer, Matheo Thun, the steel accessory will fit in with any modern bathroom designer scheme.


Beo Fruit Shower Head Pack

Using fruits as inspiration, the “Fruitilicious” Beo Fruit Shower Head Pack from AQVA bathrooms is a collection of showerheads that resemble fruits. You have the option to choose from an entire assortment (basket) of fruits such as Guava, Lemon or Watermelon and Pomegranate.

The round shaped head in made out of ABS Plastic and supplied with 345mm supporting arm. Ideal for creating an organic atmosphere in the bathroom, the colourful finish gives it the necessary charm and flavour-think Green, Orange, Yellow and Red-bringing to life the real, juicy fruit. The single rain function comes with the promise of an exciting time in the shower.


The Designer Showerhead with Built-in Shelves

Showers can be relaxing; showers can be thrilling and so much more! All they need is a little change in water temperature and a soothing look. The designer Peter Jamieson, at the Italian company, Ritmonio, takes convenience a notch higher by creating the ‘Candle’ collection of shower heads. The square showerhead features a shelf built right into the design where you can light a candle or incense and create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere while letting the deluge from the shower head drench your body and mind. The stainless steel product can be used stand-alone or in multiples for enhanced effect.

The Candle comes with the choice of double-flow to enhance the cascading effect and rain.


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