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Designer Worthy Do-It-Yourself For A Stylish House

There are only little things which are as satisfying as carrying out a well-accomplished DIY project, especially when it is about re-designing and decorating your house. It is very important to know how to organize and decorate with style without burning a hole in your pocket. So, here is a list of some amazing DIY things which you can do to make your house stylish:

Roman Shades

Design beautiful personalized roman blinds- you surely do not need any sewing skills for it.

Photo by Darci Goodman Design

Live-edge coffee table

The beautiful patterns and organic edge of this furnishing makes it a perfect style statement. You can save a lot of dollars by designing your own live-edge coffee table.

Photo by Dillard Pierce Design Associates

Brass urchin

Design pricier versions of DIY brass urchins with pretty wooden dowels, gold spray paint and over bake clay.

Photo by AB Design Elements, LLC

Bar tray

Bar tray is yet another inclusion to spruce up your home bar and make it even more appealing. While buying a bar cart could be a really large investment, you can go for a DIY bar tray which looks just as fine.

Photo by Becky Harris

Boho wall hanging

Give your wall a new look with something elegant and textural like a designer wall hanging.

Photo by Breeze Giannasio Interiors

Sophisticated and well-designed bedside table

Add a tinge of glamor to your bedroom with a new bedside table. A simple dresser could also do the job. Or you can just add a new hardware to your old dress and make it expensive looking.


Upholstered bench

If you realize the importance of an entryway bench, then this DIY home décor tip is just for you. Make a DIY upholstered bench to function as a cushy spot where you can sit down to take off or put on your shoes.

Photo by RICCO STYLE Interior Design

Coffee bar station

Just think about the cappuccinos you’ll whip up with your very own coffee station. Just set up the pipe shelves on your own and your coffee bar station is ready.

Photo by Lisa Robazza Design

False-log fireplace wallpaper

Like the warm appearance of stacked logs, but cannot keep inserting and removing the pile of woods meticulously. Well, why not get a DIY faux fireplace wallpaper.

Photo by Elizabeth Drake of Drake Interiors Limited

New Cushions

Change the saggy cushions of your sofa by stuffing new cushions in it. It completely changes the look of the sofa.

Photo by Arent & Pyke

Appealing console table

Surely all entrances deserves a good console table and wooden one just does fine. You can also go for a marble table shelf. Both of them look stunning.

Photo by Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

Lumbar pillows

They serve as a perfect inclusion to a comfortable, cozy and well-settled bed. You can DIY the lumbar pillow by making use of a good table runner.

Photo by 株式会社モコハウス

Photo art

Yet another great idea to enhance the beauty of your house is photo art. Convert your photos into wall art and give your living room a remarkable new look.

Photo by Urban Rustic Living

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