Making the time to see and explore the world around you is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. There is an abundance of people, places, and cultures that you can both see and learn from. For those who have outdoor hobbies like hunting, you may find yourself exploring nature more often than the average person. If you’re ready to explore spots outside of your comfort zone, then you’ll find inspiration in this article.

Continue reading to find a couple of destinations that every hunter is likely to love.


Africa has so many places that are classified as ideal hunting destinations. Tanzania is one that is coined as a ‘hunter’s paradise’ as you’ll find an abundance of stunning national parks as well as game reserves. The Selous Game Reserve is a popular reserve which happens to be one of the largest hunting grounds in the world. Aside from this, you can try going to the Gombe Stream National Park and Mkomazi Game Reserve for Rhinos.

Destinations That Every Hunter Would Love

When you aren’t hunting, you could explore a few of the country’s popular site attractions. Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most popular in the world as it’s Africa’s highest peak. There is also the renowned Zanzibar which consists of dreamy blue waters and pristine white sand.


If you’re interested in beautiful landscapes when you aren’t hunting, Canada is the perfect place to go. You can take in these landscapes while hunting and also go fishing if that’s something you’re into. Keep in mind that temperatures tend to drop during colder months, so you need to bring along the right clothing. When looking for the best cold weather hunting clothes, you want to take insulation and quality into consideration. SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear is a good example of items that will give you value for money.

Destinations That Every Hunter Would Love


For those who didn’t know, Argentina has a very organized and regulated hunting industry. You’ll find some of the best game to hunt such as dove, pigeons, water buffalo and pumas to name a few. Outside of hunting, there are other things to do in Argentina such as going to the Andes which is a mountain range consisting of high deserts, picturesque lakes and the continent’s highest peak.

Destinations That Every Hunter Would Love

New Zealand

Another good destination for a hunting trip is New Zealand. You’ll likely be taken aback by the breathtaking countryside and you’ll find game in abundance too. Some popular site attractions in New Zealand are Bay of Islands, Waitomo, and Mount Eden. There are so many nature spots for you to visit and if you’d like to relax after hunting, there is room for that too.

Destinations That Every Hunter Would Love


Some specific places like Scotland, England, Norway and Sweden are good destinations in Europe for hunting. Big game animals you’re likely to come across in Europe are mouflon, deer, wolves, reindeer, as well as wild boar. European countries also happen to be well-known for their impressive game management which can make hunting all the more exciting. As you can imagine, there is so much more to do in Europe than hunting, so it’s a chance to explore their rich history and culture too.

Destinations That Every Hunter Would Love