Do You Have The Courage To Swim in The Devil’s Pool?

All those who are looking for extreme excitement and can not find the usual tourist destinations would immediately go to Victoria Falls, in order to enjoy bathing in the world’s most dangerous pool. If you want to test your suicidal impulse Devil’s Pool is the place for you.

In fact, Victoria Waterfalls that rise on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe are also the home to the devilish pool. It is a naturally formed swimming pool which rises on the edge of the waterfall that belongs to the territory of Zambia. This small lagoon, surrounded by stone has a height of over 103m and is valid for one of the surreal places in the world. While swimming in Devil’s Pool you are just a few centimeters from the great abyss that is 100 meters high. From September to December the water level permits you to jump from the pool and to experience the beauty of the waterfall.

Then the barrier of rocks provides conditions for people in the mood for adventure to bathe on the edge of the waterfall just step from the steepest fall. Also while you bathe in the Devil’s pool, the water passes near you and fall down caused by Earth’s gravity. The view towards the double rainbows, pleasant atmosphere and climate in the area, increase mood and causing you to do some really crazy and dangerous shots.

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