Discover alpine adventures, arctic vistas and other-worldly wonders when you rent a yacht in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is home to boundless natural beauty. From alpine forests and snow-capped volcanoes to thermal springs and idyllic cities. But arguably this region’s most spectacular feature is its surrounding oceans and rivers, fringed by hills and fjords. So where better to rent a yacht than Scandinavia? By boat, you’ll see Scandinavia at its biggest, best and most bewitching. Cruise between towering peaks on bright blue waters, then dive into quaint fishing villages and vibrant cities, witnessing natural phenomenon along the way. Discover all this stunning region has to offer below.

Rent a yacht in Scandinavia and discover nature’s stage

In Scandinavia, nature puts on a spectacular show. And this region makes the perfect viewpoint for the Aurora Borealis, the world’s most enchanting spectacle. While the long, dark winter nights can increase the chances of a sighting, we recommend visiting during equinoxes in March or September. Visitors often flock to the town of Tromsø to watch the Northern Lights. But total tranquillity awaits on the waters of the Trollfjord, just a few hours south of Tromsø. From here, you can watch the Aurora Borealis dance over towering fjords from the deck of your luxury yacht.

While many people may rent a yacht in Scandinavia to catch a glimpse of this fleeting natural performance, the region is also home to wonders you can enjoy year-round. Sat on the southern Icelandic shores, Reynisfjara beach is a sight in its own right. Backed by staggering basalt towers and a cliff face punctuated by caves, it’s a vision you’ll never forget.

Take your luxury yacht further afield and explore the enchanting archipelago off north-western Norway. Broken free from the mainland, the Lofoten Islands feel a million miles from the rest of the world. Soaring peaks and quaint fishing villages are bathed in a dreamy arctic light, making it the muse of many artists. Come here for spellbinding vistas on another scale, but don’t leave without a spot of whale watching. You’ll find sperm whales, pilot whales, fin whales and dolphins here all year round, however the humpback whale is only typically seen in the winter months.

For an arctic adventure like no other, head over to Svalbard – a land of glaciers, icebergs and other-worldly wilderness. While you could take it all in from the comfort of your yacht, we would recommend stopping off to explore. Seek adventure on a guided glacier hike, or set out on an expedition led by a loyal team of huskies. However you experience this region, it’s sure to leave you breathless.

Eat your way through an up-and-coming foodie paradise

While Scandinavia is more renowned for its landscapes than its food, the region has some lesser-known culinary triumphs just begging to be explored. The concept of ‘New Nordic’ cuisine puts a forward-thinking spin on deeply traditional dishes, and has taken off all over the region. Luckily, luxury yacht charters in Northern Europe give us the chance to taste it all.

First, dive into Denmark’s phenomenal foodie scene, starting in Copenhagen. With 15 Michelin-Starred restaurants and a focus on natural, locally-grown ingredients, here you can expect fine dining at its best. Look out for local dishes like farmer’s lunch turned local delicacy Smørrebrød – an open-faced sandwich served in high-end restaurants and local eateries alike.

Norway has the northernmost cultivatable land on the planet, peppered with microclimates that produce uniquely complex flavours. Unlike Denmark, Norway is less about Michelin stars and more about cosy home cooking, making the most of the exceptional ingredients they have on offer. Sample earthy delights like super-sweet strawberries and flavourful root vegetables. But don’t miss the star of the show – the seafood. Norway’s cold waters make for super-succulent shellfish, including langoustines and mahogany clams.

When you think of Swedish food, little more than ‘meatballs’ comes to mind. But Sweden has a surprising food scene full of hidden wonders. Stop off in Stockholm and explore its food halls, from giant Hötorgshallen to long-established Östermalms Saluhall. Surprises await around every corner – think cloudberry jam, or hjortronsylt, cardamom chocolates and fresh twists on traditional meats and cheeses.

See eclectic culture captured in vibrant cities

Nature and food aren’t the only things on the menu here. In case you needed another reason to rent a yacht in Scandinavia, the region is home to dozens of electrifying cities, each with their own distinctive culture. Hop off your boat and spend some time discovering each place.

In Gothenburg, peruse modern art galleries by day and meander historic 17th-century districts by night. Laid-back and sun-soaked, this coastal city is brimming with traditional nautical charm. But its Scandi-cool streets lined with boutiques and bars make it as modern as it is traditional.

Jump into the cultural melting pot of Stockholm, where up and coming museums and galleries brush shoulders with ancient palaces. Its historic centre is one of Europe’s most beguiling. However, its contemporary culture is anything but archaic, with infamous Scandi designs adorning boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants all over the city.

Wander through Oslo, where you’ll find contemporary works of art in galleries and streets alike. Discover its welcoming coffee culture and glorious green spaces, which perfectly offset the city skyline. Uncover the secrets of Copenhagen, from Viking artefacts to an eclectic collection of relics from across the world – including Islamic and Egyptian art.

For those who rent a yacht in Scandinavia and wish to explore the cities, we’d recommend timing your trip with seasonal festivals for a truly authentic experience. In August, Gothenburg Culture Festival bursts across the city in full colour, with music, dancing, literature and cuisine consuming the streets. Or, for a completely unique music festival without the mud, pay a visit to Stockholm’s Early Music Festival. Every year in June, Scandinavian artists perform live music from many historical eras, from the Medieval to Renaissance periods, to crowds of enchanted listeners; certainly not something you can experience everywhere in the world.

So whether you’re looking to discover lesser-known lands, sample new cuisine or immerse yourself in city life, why not rent a yacht in Scandinavia and take in all this epic region has to offer.

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