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Discover the beauties of Oceania – top places to visit

Our planet is rich with marvelous wonders waiting to be explored. Nowadays you can embark on a trip around the world even by bike or on foot, but in order to discover the beauties of Oceania, you need to go by plane and then enjoy its mesmerizing jewels. There aren’t many places on Earth that are as so captivating as islands, beaches, and rainforests in Oceania. Therefore, if you want to have and maintain glowing skin, see gorgeous landscapes, swim in dazzling turquoise waters and sleep in luscious cabins, here is a list of top places to visit.

Daintree, Queensland

This vast region of tropical wilderness and rainforest represents one of Australian’s most cherished natural beauties. Why not choose to hire a campervan in Australia to see these remote wonderful sights up northern Queensland. Seeing pristine forests, picturesque rugged mountain peaks, and ancient plants will make every visitor drop their jaws. Daintree is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, and across 1000 square miles of tropical wonders there are many things to see and do. Take a cruise on the Daintree River, take pictures of incredible Daintree National Park, look out for Pale-yellow Robins, lovely Fairy Wrens, and saltwater crocodiles. In the park, you will be able to visit the magnificent Mossman Gorge, a stunning site where fresh clear waters cascade over granite boulders in the Mossman River. You can swim in those freshwater swimming pools, and later spend the night in the treehouse above the rainforest at Silky Oaks Lodge.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Now, Tahiti is the place to go to if you are looking for crystal clear waters ideal for scuba diving, serene atmosphere, and for a chance to unwind in some of the island’s most beautiful and luxurious accommodations. Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesian part of Oceania, and visitors and keen surfers flock here each year to indulge in peacefulness and entertainment. If you are fond of surfing, you must go to the village of Teahupoo and even take a plunge in the Billabong Pro Surf Competition. Besides the gorgeous landscape, you can go on a road trip or take a hike along with the deep core of the island and see extinct volcanoes, lagoons, and suburb waterfalls. The weather is always an idea, but the best time to visit Tahiti might be in May, June or July when you can even attend the Heiva Festival that features various unique Tahitian crafts and artistry.

Byron Bay, New South Wales

If you are looking to encounter a perfect sunset in Oceania, then visiting Byron Bay will leave you speechless. Find a private jet hire in Australia and arrive fast to this stunning eastern part of the country in order to experience a laid back vibe and visit numerous attractions. First of all, here you will have the chance to surf at some of 9 country’s best beaches, go to festivals, national parks, walking trails, and basically let loose in the gorgeous surroundings. For people who want to find an escape from the daily grind, the beaches of Byron Bay will soak up all your negative feelings and immediately uplift your spirit. Walk to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, go whale watching or head out snorkeling with sea turtles.

Fiji, South Pacific

Picture-perfect sandy beaches – checked; untamed tropical rainforests – checked; wonderful coconut plantation – checked! Fiji has it all. This country is composed of 320 tropical volcanic islands, and around 110 are mainly inhibited, but still, Fiji has something for everyone. Fiji gained its remarkable population undoubtedly due to the honeymooners, but even adventurous backpacker will find something to see and do. Besides warm blue waters, multi-colored reefs, and an innumerable variety of exotic and lush sea life that draw visitors from all around the world, Fiji offers fine cuisine, mesmerizing boat trips, and one-of-a-kind tropical hikes.

Hayman Island, Queensland

Welcome to one of the most astonishing Whitsunday islands. Located about 28 kilometers north-east of Shute Harbour and about 900 kilometers north of Brisbane. A quiet little continental island covered with eucalyptus and hoop pines, Hayman offers delights that will enliven all your senses. The color of the water of Hayman’s lagoon and Whitsunday Passage are simply jaw-dropping, basically, the colors blend from gold to emerald and sapphire. This is the place to visit if you are looking to dedicate time solely on indulging yourself. You can spend days relaxing under palm trees, sipping cocktails, swim in delightful waters and later explore the bushland around the island.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Lake Tekapo is the genuine representation of New Zealand’s beautiful natural wonders. Even if there are many breathtaking landscapes and strenuous mountains around New Zealand, Lake Tekapo is the perfect blend of all the thing a visitor must-see in this gorgeous Oceania’s country. Unique Maori rock carvings such as incredible Lizard Rock carving on the cliffs of Mine Bay on the north-west side of the lake are a must, but you can only see them by boat or kayak. Hop on a bike and explore the lake on a Great Lake Trail, go fishing on the pristine waters, or just sunbathe next to the lake.

This is just a scratch of Oceania’s wonderful places left to discover. It may be hard to rule out the most beautiful place since they are all worth visiting, but this list will surely get you totally covered.

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