Discover the Beauty of the Island of Madeira

Although it is located in the middle of the ocean, a thousand kilometers southwest of Lisbon and 700 kilometers from the nearest African mainland, the Portuguese island of Madeira was for many years a true tourist destination, mainly for western and northern Europeans. This island is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean along the Moroccan city of Casablanca. In the 19th century it was a favorite spot of European aristocracy.

Volcanic scenery and fertile soil on which succeed bananas and various grapes are one of the many signs of Madeira. First association of Madeira are various flowers, tropical fruit, excellent wine, hot water, luxury hotels and a rich cultural offer. This volcanic island is a popular tourist destination and an ideal place for a holiday.

Madeira covers an area of 800 square meters and is the largest inhabited island. What is surprising is that it contains high peaks of 1,900 meters. Fortunately for tourists, volcanic activity stopped before 6500 years, but that has made the island with fertile landscapes. One of the main reasons that makes Madeira so attractive is the fact that this island is full of fantastic contrast. The main contrasts are its volcanic origin and the terrain configuration. Beside narrow coastal belt, the entire island seems very steep. Vertical mountains rapidly rises to a height of up to 1862 meters. Certain parts of the subtropical forest which covered Madeira are on the list of UNESCO since 1999.

The north part of Madeira Island is characteristic by rural beauty, while on the south is developed tourism which attracts many tourists from around the world, even pickiest travelers. Madeira can offer tumultuous nightlife, great food, water sports, perfect climate and spectacular scenery. Madeira is the ideal place for holidays throughout all year. The climate is subtropical, with small fluctuations in temperature and varies from 23 – 30 C at summer to 16 C in winter. In Madeira sandy beach are rare, while the beach covered with black volcanic sand and gravel are a real attraction.

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