Discover the Magical World Underneath the Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe. It is located in Macedonia, and The Macedonian-Albanian border passes through it. It is named by the city it nearby, Ohrid. This lake is UNESCO Heritage site from 1979, and in 2010 NASA named one of Titan’s lakes after Lake Ohrid.

The lake is the deepest one in Balkans with maximum depth of 288m (940 ft) and mean depth of 155m (508 ft). It is a home of more than 200 endemic species.

Algae Flowers

European crayfish

The international diving instructor Milutin Sekulovski in a project for diving the whole Lake Ohrid, done in Spring 2015, made some great underwater photos and videos from the living world there, the archeological remains and other objects of its bottom.

European Eel

Freshwater Crab

Sekulovski made a whole documentation for each diving and he noted the routes with GPS devices. He kept a diary with many information about the places, depths, temperatures of the water, the underwater springs and other aspects which will be interesting for the scientists.

Freshwater Sponges


During the diving, there are recorded places which are an ecological problem, and for those there are information so there can be made a map of points which can be afterwards easily found and taken care of for saving the natural order of the lake and its inhabitants.

Prehistoric Boat – Monoxile

Prehistoric Stone Axe

Relief Lake Bottom

Rounded Ohrid Sponge

Underwater Springs

St. Naum Springs

Sunken Plane Engine

Sunken ship near Struga

The expedition Team led by Sekulovski

The photos were taken by the local newspaper called

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