Discover The True Soul Of Obidos

Old charm, cobblestone pavements, friendly hosts, preserved buildings and an interesting mix of architectural styles are things that offering European villages. They are developed gradually, but yet preserved one thing that is familiar just for those villages – the spirit of the past which is felt at every step. Vacation in the village may not sound very tempting and glamorous, but village Obidos will help you to change your opinion.

Obidos is a medieval village old more than 700 years, which is located only 50 kilometers north of Lisbon. The village Obidos is located at the top of the hill, surrounded by strong walls, it is a true example of medieval architecture. With its streets, squares and palaces is a popular tourist destination. Along the winding streets you can see restaurants and coffee bars. Every July in Obidos is held a traditional medieval market. Obidos is also known for its cherry liquor. In Portugal the cherry liquor is served with cups of chocolate with a pair of cherries in.

The main entrance to the village is through gate “Porta da Vila”, whose passage is beautifully decorated with tiles which have floral and human motives. After passing through the gate, you will find lots of narrow streets paved with stone, with many greenery and flowers. The houses in the village Obidos are white with yellow or blue stripes. There are a number of galleries, bars and small restaurants. This village is example of calmness and there is no rush. Everything is beautiful and very picturesque. This place Obidos is full of details that will admire you if you are looking for just a little bit better. You will be totally delighted with the atmosphere of the village.

It is interesting that 500 years ago the ocean coming immediately to the walls of this village Obidos and on that walls were bound ships. Today, walls offering a magnificent view of the nature around. A walk at the walls is not suitable for small children because there is no fence, but more children and adults will enjoy every square meter.

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