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DIY Word Art Ideas

Even if you are not the type of person that constantly tries to ameliorate your creative skills, you have probably heard of many word art ideas. Whether you have seen them in someone’s home or not, it is true that they are often used as a decoration for the walls. You can prepare them all by yourself, as long as you are supplied with some basic materials. You do not need to be an expert to make your own word art, however, you probably will need to be given diverse ideas how to create your own word art in an easy way. In this article you will receive fresh and useful ideas how to play with letters and how to decorate them in a fascinating way. You will learn how to make incredible word art that will be the most appropriate addition to your home decor.

The Wonderful Felt Words

The colourful felt letters will definitely make the atmosphere in your room fun and happy. For the purpose you need a fabric glue and a suitable thrift store frame. With the help of scissors you can form the letters. It could be a funny quote or simply a joke used by your kids. This word art is very easy to be prepared and you can choose more sparkling colours for the letters and to put it in the playroom.

Image by denise carbonell via Flickr

Incredible Stencilled Canvas

If you have a canvas that you have planned to throw away, do not hurry up with your decision. You can easily hang it up on a wall in your house and use it as an excellent backdrop for a variety of stencil projects. You can paint some letters with joyful and sparkling colours and you can put the stencilled canvas in one of your rooms. This idea is very innovative and easy to be applied in the same way. You can put a famous quote or just a sentence that will inspire you to begin your day with a smile on your face. If you are after a more professional approach, then you can buy a ready-made paint by numbers kit from the Painting Kits website that includes numbered canvases and all the tools you need for your DIY project.

Image source

Light Box Word Art – Why not?

This is very original idea for word art and, even though it seems difficult to be prepared, in fact it is not. For the light box you need LED light strips that are situated on the inside of the box frame. If you do not have a cutting machines, you need to get the letters online, but if you possess one, you can manage with this task on your own. To make the light box really amazing, you can add a spray paint on to the glass of the box. Wonderful and easy, isn’t it?

Image by Maegan Tintari via Flickr

When creating your own word art, keep in mind the moment with cleaning. After finishing with the procedures, look around for any particles or pieces of paper that had left on the surfaces. You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove them in an effective way or hire a professional company like TidyCleaning Hanwell. Before putting your piece of art on to the wall, clean it from the dust and dirt , using a clean towel and a suitable cleaning product.

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These are some innovative homemade ideas for word art. Find the right time to devote on this fascinating art and you will receive a great decoration for all  of your rooms. Instead of buying expensive and too sophisticated decoration for your home, you can demonstrate your creative skills to your relatives and to surprise them with your first word art gift. Supply yourself with the needed  materials and choose one of these ideas for your word art project. The word art ideas are always a good contribution for each of the rooms in your home.

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