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Do You Want to Swim in The Largest Swimming Pool in The World?

Swimming pool in the resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo city in Chile, it contains 250 million liters of clean seawater, which holds the record for the largest swimming pool in the world. Crystal Lagoon in Chile was large enough for sailing, and has its own artificial beach.

Here one dive can turn into a real marathon, because the world’s largest swimming pool is large as 20 Olympic swimming pools. Incredible size of this pool (length of 1,012 feet), placed the pool Orthlieb in Morocco at the second place  (with a length of 480 meters). It also holds the Guinness record for the deepest pool in the world (35 meters).

The swimming  pool opened in December 2006, almost five years after the start of construction, and for its construction was spent around 1 billion pounds. Annually for its maintenance needed around 2 million pounds. Below you can see some awesome photos of  the worlds largest swimming pool.

Image by Sherman Mui via Flickr

Image by lanube360 via Flickr

Image by Leonardo Herrera via Flickr

Image by Kyle Pearce via Flickr

Image by Rodrigo Suarez via Flickr

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