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Dominican Republic – Relaxation For Body And Soul

Famous for its tropical islands and beaches of world-class, Caribbean often was a destination for the rich and famous. Thanks to the flights which have recently been established to these islands, everyone can afford a trip to visit this country. Dominican Republic is the name of the Caribbean country which awakens your imagination. There are the most beautiful beaches, azure blue water, coral reefs and crazy evening parties.

Residents of the Dominican Republic are considered as the most hospitable people in the Caribbean. In Dominican Republic you can communicate in English, because the economy is based on tourism, but the official language is Spanish.

Located in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a true paradise and blessing for all senses. Pearly white sandy beaches, coconut palm trees, mountain landscapes with rivers and waterfalls, salt lakes, exotic flora and fauna and cheerful hosts do not leave anyone indifferent. In the Dominican Republic there are 10 completely different national parks that will enchant you with its unique beauty. There you can have fun, but also you can relax. Simply, if you want relaxation for body and soul, this destination is the right place. The whole country can be divided into Samana Peninsula, the north, south and east coast and the interior. The capital Santo Domingo is also the largest city.

It is a metropolis with 2.5 million inhabitants, museums, rich nightlife and restaurants. Also, this city is under protection of UNESCO, because of the cultural heritage and specific architecture. Santo Domingo was founded by the first inhabitants of Europe who settled this part of the world. The most famous tourist destinations are Boca Chica, Juan Dolio and La Romana. The climate is warm, with tropical temperatures throughout the year. The temperature differences are insignificant. The highest summer temperature is up to 32 degrees and in winter it rises to 25 degrees Celsius.

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