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Done by Monday: Easy Yet Awesome Backyard DIY Projects

You can achieve a lot in 48 hours and when you set yourself a DIY task that is done by the time the weekend is over, it can give a really satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

Here are some awesome projects that you could accomplish in a productive weekend, which you can then enjoy and admire for a long while afterwards.

Install a new patio

It might seem like a big job to get done in a weekend but with a DIY patio kit, you can definitely produce a great-looking new outdoor living area that will transform the look and feel of your property.

You could use a standard patio design or work on a style and shape that you think will fit in perfectly with your existing surroundings. There are numerous choices of finish and you can put a roof or skylight over, to give you protection from the elements and allow you to make the very most of your time out in the garden.

Image by Edmunds Studios Photography, Inc. via Houzz [Photography by Douglas L. Edmunds]

Outdoor lights

You can either do the patio yourself or use a company to install it for you. If you have the patio done for you then there will be plenty of time for some other jobs, such as hanging out some outdoor lights.

Outdoor lighting can be fairly easy to install and the use of ambient light is the perfect way of setting the right tone for a great party with family and friends on your new patio. Make sure that you use screw-in or heavy duty hooks to keep your lights in place securely and remember to ensure that you lay it out so that the end plug is near to a safe and waterproof electrical source.

Image by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects via Houzz

Add some colour

You can quickly and easily improve the look of your outdoor living space by creating a container garden display.

Get some advice from your local garden centre or plant supplier if you are unsure what plants and flowers to use so that you get a good mix of colour when you want it. It is always a good idea to use a lightweight soil mix for your containers, as this will give you good drainage and aeration, which is important for the wellbeing of your plants and to keep them looking in top shape.

Image by Casa Smith Designs, LLC via Houzz

Build your own fire pit

This is a job that will probably take a good part of the weekend to complete, but when you gather around your new creation on Sunday night with a drink in your hand, it will definitely seem worth the effort.

You will need to dig a trench and then fill it with gravel, before assembling the walls. Choose a finish that matches in with the rest of your outdoor area and follow some of the online instructions available to help you get the job done.

Image by Linda McCalla Interiors via Houzz

Create some privacy

Even if you get on famously with your neighbours, you may still want to create a bit of extra privacy or simply wish to define your border more clearly.

Spend a weekend planting some trees around the house or along a border line, but obviously choose your trees carefully and work out which ones would be best or get advice from a gardening supplier about the suitability of the species you are thinking about planting.

Image by AquaTerra Outdoors via Houzz

If you are trying to create a bit of privacy, you might choose a variety of tree that offers density and height but beware of potential root damage to the foundations of your house and also check to see if there any restrictions you have to adhere to.

Add a water feature

Adding a water feature to your garden is a great weekend job and the design possibilities are almost limitless.

A good tip would be to use an adjustable recirculating pump, so that the sound of the water can be tweaked according to your location and preference.

Image by Aquascape Inc. via Houzz

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