Douro Valley Has Tradition Of Winemaking Longer Than 2,000 Years

Portugal is a country that offers incredible beauty. What is fascinating about the Douro Valley is that this is the first officially designated wine region in the world, which attracts people not only for wine, but also because of the amazing landscapes. Throughout the year there are organized various tours that will introduce you with the environment and bring you into the heart of the valley. Therefore, if you want wine go to Portugal rather than in France.

If you visit the northern part of Portugal, do not miss the tour of the coastline of the middle course of the River Douro which means “Golden River”. The center of this region is located roughly between Peso da Régua and Cachao de Valeira. Along the coasts of Middle Douro endlessly coming one after another with almost perfect parallel lines cascading vineyards wine port. In the slopes of the same coasts, among vineyards are situated large rural estates in which the owners make wine with help of the most modern plant for processing grapes. The hills of the valley Douro are covered with steep terraces where grapes growing on the river, all the way to the top.

The landscape of the Douro Valley is spectacular, with the colors of a country that changes throughout the year, as well as different colors of grapes in different seasons. In autumn, the valley is dotted with red and golden color, in the summer with green, while during the period from February to March dominated white and pink tones. Douro Valley in 2001 entered the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in Europe as an outstanding landscape that has developed a tradition of winemaking longer than 2,000 years.
Here you can visit palaces, you can cruising the river and try the famous cuisine and award-winning wines.

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