Dubrovnik, Right Place For a Relaxed Holiday

If you want to go to Croatia, forget your official clothing and everything which goes with it. At that way you will fell relaxed. Because Croatia is so leisurely country, you will need just glasses, hat and slippers. Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Turks, French, Venetians and Austrians throughout history have turned this place into a beautiful piece of land, rich with history and culture. With its special Croatian tradition, hospitable people, beautiful environment and jazz sounds, it is simply a place from which you did not want to move away.
Natural beauty, rich culture and tradition, numerous monuments from the time of antiquity and the whole range of urban environments are making Dubrovnik special. Because the old architecture and favorable location Dubrovnik is refuge to thousands of tourists from around the world searching for the right place to rest.

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Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities on the Adriatic coast. Located in Croatia, it is one of the most visited tourist centers. This city dating from the mid-7th century and its Latin name is “Ragusa”. It offers countless opportunities for tourists, entertainment, recreation and most diverse seafood. Most visited is the old part of the city and at the season of summer holidays are held numerous events. In Dubrovnik live about 44 thousand inhabitants. This piece of land is reminiscent of the old Hellenic culture. Because of its extraordinary beauty and mystique Dubrovnik since 1979 has been declared a UNESCO City and is added to the list of World Cultural Heritage.

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As we said Dubrovnik has an output of the Adriatic Sea, so do not miss to visit some of the most beautiful beaches such as Banje Beach, Copacabana Beach, Lapad Beaches… It is interesting to mention that the temperature on New Year would not be lower than 15 degrees Celsius and it is very good reason to celebrate outdoors. Also, Dubrovnik was declared as the best tourist destination on the Adriatic Sea.

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