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Easy ways to afford Traveling as a Student

They say your twenties are the age of exploration. Traveling is certainly a part of that process. Visiting various countries, you get to learn other cultures and meet people from different walks of life. Every journey is an enriching experience – not to mention lots of fun! But how can you afford traveling on a student budget? Here are 6 smart ways to help you see the world even if you’re low on cash.

International student exchange or study abroad programs

That’s the easiest and most popular idea for student travel. Your university or college has partnerships with universities from around the world. Keep a close eye on your International Exchange Office, they regularly hold information sessions to help students learn about the available opportunities.

Since you’re paying tuition at your home university, you can apply for various scholarships. Sure, these applications take some time, but apply to as many as possible. You’d be surprised to learn that sometimes the number of scholarships is higher than the number of applicants!

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering helps to kill two birds with one stone. First, you’ll get actual experience to put on your resume once you graduate. And mind you, recruiters will be impressed.

Second, you get a chance to contribute to a local community in a meaningful way while having plenty of fun exploring the country. Some organizations charge a fee which includes food and accommodation, but the experience is definitely worth it. Volunteering can last from a few weeks to months. You can easily work it into your summer vacations or spring breaks.

Travel with a friend

What if you’d like to take a serious trip to the other side of world? Nothing makes traveling safer and cheaper than bringing along a friend. You can split the cost of accommodation and food which saves you lots of money in the long run. If you travel to a cheap area, you’ll be able to manage these expenses without the trip turning into an organizational nightmare.

Find work as an au pair

If you like working with kids, this is an amazing opportunity to live in another country and experience everything it has to offer. As an au pair, in exchange for food and accommodation you’re required to look after the children of your host family for a specific number of hours a day. You can use your free time to explore the local area, travel to more remote places, and get to know plenty of new people.

Get a holiday working visa

This is a smart way to travel and work in a foreign country. If you don’t have savings to subsidize for your backpacking travel, working in another country is a great option. Check out the participating countries in the Working Holiday Visa agreement. See anything interesting? Application is fast and easy, so you’re not going to lose any time on it.

Teach English abroad

This opportunity is best suited for graduating students. Teaching English abroad, you’ll be getting professional experience, making some money, and enriching the lives of local communities.  At the same time, you’ll get plenty of occasions to explore the country. Asia is considered the most popular destination today, but English teachers are needed in many countries around the world. All you need is a Bachelor’s degree to get the job. Some companies might require TESOL certification as well. Your job as an English language teacher might come in the form of a one-year contract, but also permanent position. Pick one of these traveling formats and you’ll be ready to embark on your adventure!

Author Bio

Tess Pajaron is an experienced Community Manager working at Open Colleges, Australia’s leading online educator. In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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