Efficient Ways to Speed Clean Your House

A squeaky clean house that smells fresh and looks impeccable is probably an imperative for all of you ladies and housewives out there. With a clean house you leave an impression of a neat, tidy and well organized person, someone anybody can rely on. But the whole cleaning process can be very tiring and exhausting, and often requires a lot of time and hard work. But this doesn’t have to be so hard if you are well organized and if you get prepared for cleaning in the right way. A good solution would be to divide your house into cleaning zones and make a plan in your head about where you could start first and what you could clean first in every room in your house. You can also take some time to calculate just how much time you are going to need for every room. If you organize your time well and make a good plan you could clean the entire house in less than an hour. Doesn’t that sound reassuring? Here you will find some useful advice for speed cleaning your house.

Listen to some dynamic music and divide your home into cleaning zones

So first of all you should divide your house into cleaning zones. For example the first zone could be the hallway, the second zone the living room, the third one could be the kitchen, the fourth one the bedrooms and the last, but not the least – bathroom. The suggestion is logical, the hall way is the first room you enter when you come into the house, so it is cleaned first, and the bathroom which needs the most cleaning supplies is the last. If you come up with a cleaning pattern, and apply it every time you clean, cleaning will become a habit and a much pleasurable experience.

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So before you start, prepare all of the things you might need, cleaning supplies and distribute them through the rooms in which you are going to use them. You could use a steam cleaner, because it is more efficient in killing germs and getting rid of that annoying dust than the regular vacuum cleaner. Prepare your music player with the dynamic and lively music that will make you feel more active and energized. For example you can choose a song of your choice for every room you clean, and let it be some funky song you like to dance to.

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Some shortcuts for cleaning your house

And you can get started. In the hallway you can shake out the rug if you have one and use your steam cleaner to leave everything dust and germ free if you have a wooden floor. Don’t forget to move your shoes and clean the surface underneath them. In the living room first of all bring everything to its place, so the magazines, books, letters, DVDs should be put where they belong. Swipe the dust off of everything and don’t forget the blinds if you have them and let it all fall onto the floor, and then just clean the floor and all of the dust with it. For the windows to gleam you can just wipe them in circular motions with a microfiber cloth. In the kitchen start by emptying the counters by putting the dishes where they should be because the emptier the kitchen looks the tidier it seems. Swipe the refrigerator, dishwasher and the stove and other appliances with a wet microfiber cloth.

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If you have some serious grease stains on your stove you could first scrape it with an old credit card for example, before you treat it with cleaning chemicals. In the bedrooms, first of all, tighten up or make the beds and change the sheets if necessary. Get rid of all the things on the floor by putting them where they belong – in the wastebasket or put them for washing. Wipe the dust off everything and let it fall down on the floor.  Then, again, clean the floor. In the bathroom spritz all of the surfaces you want to clean with an all purpose spray and leave them like that for about a minute, letting the spray do its magic. And then you can use a wet microfiber dish to wipe it all off. For the toilet you can let baking soda stay for a minute and then wipe it of also. And for those fixtures on the tiles and sink you can use baking soda on an old toothbrush and you will see that it is very effective for removing all of the dirt. And in the end just mop the floor with a microfiber mop.

There you have it – here are some speed cleaning tips and tricks you might find useful next time you clean your house. Be sure to use them and save precious time and energy.

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