Eight Brilliant Travel Life Hacks

Traveling is one of the most self-affirming, horizon expanding things you can do. It can also be a major headache, when you’re not prepared. That’s why we’ve put together this list of travel-oriented life hacks. You’ll be a pro traveler before you even get your passport stamped, if you follow our advice.

1. If you’re not having your laundry done while you’re traveling, invest in a good mesh laundry bag.

Toss a bar of soap or a few dryer sheets in it before you go. You’ll avoid that damp, stinky t-shirt smell infiltrating your luggage later on.

2. Relax on long flights.

Just because you don’t expect to sleep doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest and relax. Often, the most stressful part of travel is the actual travelling—getting there and getting home. If you’re going on a long flight, especially overnight, get as close to your regular sleep/relaxation routine as you can. Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a soothing book. Bring earplugs, or some headphones and a classical music playlist.

3. Pack a few medium sized bags.

A beach bag, a laptop case, or a messenger bag can make your stay that much more enjoyable. You don’t want to lug your carryon luggage around, but you might get so focused on conserving space that you don’t realize how useful a mid-sized bag can be.

4. Organize your cords and chargers.

You think you’ll remember where you tossed the phone charger, your vape charger, your laptop cord… but funnily enough, when you go to unpack after a stressful trip, these things can be tough to find. Organize your chargers carefully and create a memo to remind yourself where you put them. You’ll thank us!

5. Choose the right accommodations.

The best accommodations aren’t always the cheapest, or the most expensive. Whether you want a private villa like those offered by Punta Mita vacation rentals, or a downtown studio Airbnb, it’s important that your lodging suit your plans for the trip. You don’t want to feel forced to stay out all day, or trapped without options.

6. Wear your heaviest/biggest shoes while traveling.

If you need to bring hiking boots along, they’ll be less annoying to wear than carry, we promise you. If you’re bringing a big jacket, the same goes. You’ll save space in your suitcase, plus you’ll have a bonus back cushion or pillow on the way to your destination

7. Save space with small containers.

If you’re going away for a week, you don’t need a quart of shampoo, or all of your foundation, or whole bottle of beard balm. Small reusable containers can be used to bring your favorite products without robbing you of luggage space.

8. Pockets and lanyards are your friend.

When traveling, you often need access to certain credit cards, IDs, documentation, passports, boarding passes, etc. You don’t want to be digging through your wallet or purse every second, so make sure you have access to these things easily.

These simple tips can make traveling a much less stressful experience!

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