Explore El Molino Dinosaurs tracks in Cal Orcko in Bolivia

Cal Orcko is a paleontological site in Bolivia. The name means “Hill of Cal”. This site was found in the quarry at a factory of cement near the city of Sucre. The reason why this site became an attraction is the traces of dinosaurs tracks. There are 5000 tracks of 294 species of dinosaurs.

The first finding of this El Molno Wall dates back to 1985, but it was 1994 to 1998 when a team of paleontologists that studied it.

The discovery of this wall is a huge contribution to the history and the science. It reveals unknown information about the period of 66 million years ago. It is a great historical place that is documenting high diversity of dinosaurs better than any other site in the world.

Image by Carsten Drossel via Flickr

Image by Molly Marshall via Flickr

Before discovering this wall, the largest important site was Khjoda-Pil-ata in Turkmenistan. There where others in Portugal, Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland, but they only had up to 22o tracks and only by two species.

Image by Molly Marshall via Flickr

Image by Matthew Goulding via Flickr

It is located east of the city of Sucre. For preserving this historical site, in March 2006 was opened a Cretaceous Park, where there are exact replicas of the different species of dinosaurs left their tracks on El Molino Wall.

Image by Éamonn Lawlor via Flickr

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El Molino Dinosaur Wall is 300 ft high. This place is filled with tourists and it is the only place in the world where you can get so close to something that is ancient, even though it is just a footprint.

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