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El penjon de Guatape – Safe Climbing To a Height of 650 meters

El penjon de Guatape is a perfect place for everyone who wants to expiriece a beautiful scenery of heights and at the same time have fear to climb the rocks. Massive cliff “El penjon de Guatape” in Colombia, which rises 602 meters above sea level, is a real treat. El penjon de Guatape is a monolithic formation located at the town and municipality of Guatapé in Colombia.

The first people who has climbed this rock, back in 1954 were a group of friends that climbing 5 days, but worth it for the fascinating scenes of her top. Soon the rock became a real tourist attraction.
If you want this summer to explore some new place and enjoy in the beauty of mother nature, amazing landscapes and a lot of another interesting things, than you should visit El penjon de Guatape. Thousands of tourists visit El penjon de Guatape each year during the four summer months.

Later was built track for climb, and in 1970 was surrounded and supplemented with ladders and now all people can climb and reach the top, from where you can enjoy in the breathtaking view. Here you can see awesome photos that will gonna make you to wish to visit this place one day.

El penjon de Guatape

Image by BORIS G via Flickr

Image by Tim Regan via Flickr

Image by Rémi. via Flickr

Amazing view from the top

Image by BORIS G via Flickr

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