Enjoy An Adrenaline Rush with Myriad Safari Options

People love to enjoy various activities when traveling to distant lands, known for myriad attractions. One of the activities that is liked and enjoyed by people is safari. There are certain safari options that are meant only for people who have an adventurous streak, while some are quite safe to be enjoyed by all. Depending on the interest, people can enjoy different types of safari. Some of the main options are:

Tiger Safari

There are many tiger safari destinations in India that allow visitors to enjoy watching this magnificent sauntering majestically in its territory. Considered to be a rare animal, the Government gives limited entry into their domain. When visiting a National Park, or a wildlife sanctuary, visitors are allowed to go in deep jungles in open jeeps or canters. The guide also accompanies the visitors and help the visitors to spot various wild animals besides tiger. This is truly a thrilling moment when one is able to spot the tiger and sense its over powering presence in the jungle.

Balloon Safari

One of the adventurous activities, gaining a lot of popularity these days is Hot Air Ballooning or Balloon Safari. There is a wicker basket at one end where the pilot rides. The wicker basket is attached to a huge balloon, made up of sturdy, rip-stop nylon. There is a burner between the balloon and the wicker basket which is used to heat the balloon air that propels it upwards in the air. Depending on the degree to which the air in the balloon is heated, the balloon rises up. When the pilot wants to come down, he has to allow the air to cool. Thus, it needs a lot of maneuvering. Balloon safari is the best way to enjoy the magnificent sights all around and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the area. It is thrilling to explore the entire area from arially and enjoy the natural landscape. Hot Air ballooning is enjoyed in open spaces and it is imperative to have an experienced person along when enjoying the activity for the first time!

Elephant Safari

This safari experience can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids as it is relatively safe, but at the same time quite pleasant. When exploring a jungle, an elephant safari is the most reliable as well as a safe mode of venturing in the deep thickets. Many times, you may come across deep valleys and traversing the same may seem quite difficult. But, riding on this friendly giant allows you to admire the breathtaking beauty of the jungle landscape and you can enjoy admiring the wildlife in their natural habitat. Moreover, riding on an elephant keeps you safe from other animals as the elephant is a daunting animal. Indian terrain is teeming with a plethora of destinations where a wildlife buff can embark on to relish engrossing experience of elephant safari. Some of the major places for it are Bandhavgarh National Park, Kaziranga National Park, and Corbett National Park. Among these options, Corbett Elephant Safari deserves a special mention as it offers ideal environs to explore the profound beauty of woods while riding the giant.

Camel Safari

When visiting Rajasthan, the most important activity visitors love to indulge in is the famous camel safari. It is one of the best ways to explore the stunning desert and a vast expanse of sand all around. Sitting atop this ungulate’s back comfortably is a challenge and once ensconced, one must forget about everything and just drink in the beautiful sights spread all around. The sand dunes all around and the shining sand due to sun rays falling on it creates a mirage. Areas close to the city showcases a variety of desert vegetation, but as one enters deep into the desert, the already limited vegetation starts thinning and soon nothing can be seen except sand dunes as far as one can see. You can also enjoy rural areas of Rajasthan and understand the hardships people have to face every day of their life living in such a dry area. Despite so many hardships, they are still content and happy and live their life up to the hilt!

Horse Safari

Horse Safari is another interesting activity loved by many people who are comfortable riding a horse. If you wish to explore an area, trotting leisurely on a horseback is the best way to do it. The horse is one of the most magnificent and trusting beasts. It can move on uneven surfaces without any difficulty. There are many areas that are inaccessible due to lack of roads and difficult terrain. Horse Safari allows people to enjoy such hidden natural gems with easy accessibility on a horse back. Experienced horse riders can even contemplate going to deeper, difficult terrains, while amateurs can enjoy easily accessible areas. If they want, they can also venture into the deep areas, but it is wise to take a guide’s help. Horse safari is also one of the ways to know more about the local place and their living.

The above safari options offer fun and excitement in different ways, but the end result is always same- Sheer enjoyment, pleasure and unadulterated thrill that is unmatched by any other activity!

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